Visionaries The Game

Posted on May 11th 2015 by David Mapes

Milton Bradley Board Games

Visionaries: The Game

Planned for release by Milton Bradley in Year 2 of Visionaries, Visionaries: The Game was a 2 dimensional board game where the premise of the game was to move your Visionaries characters around Prysmos in order to reach the Magical Light. The tagline to the Visionaries series is Knights of the Magical Light, and although the light is mentioned once in the cartoon series, the Magical Light is never mentioned in name (it is merely assumed that this light is the magical power which Merklynn bestows on the successful knights). In Visionaries: The Game the magical light was actually going to appear as some sort of crystal or light source and the end of the game, we assume indicating that your Knight then gains their power (or some other sort of power). The image below shows an early concept of the Magical Light at the end of the game. Interestingly the image below shows a trap, activated by your hand, pushing the knight away.

The Magical Light was to make an appearance in Visionaries: The Game

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Visionaries Reborn

Posted on December 28th 2014 by Steven Mapes

Visionaries Reborn - The Concept

Visionaries Reborn, what is it?

Visionaries Reborn is the name of the pitch that was created by Abrams Gentile Entertainment Incorporated around 2009 - 2010 and sent out various companies as they looked to relaunch the Visionaries brand.

The Pitch

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Unknown Hardcopy (Vehicle)

Posted on August 22nd 2014 by Steven Mapes

This is one of a couple of unidentified Visionaries 2-Up resin hard copy pieces which we own. We believe the item belongs to an unreleased Series 2 Visionaries vehicle, as we purchased it with some other series 2 concept pieces. For now in this article we shall be referring to the piece as the Unknown 2Up.

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