Episode Summary

The episode starts with a group of land pirates pillaging a town of its sheep, and terrorising the civilians. Leoric and Feryl arrive in the nick of time, on the Sky Chariot and fight off the pirates (but not before Feryl crashes it).

The episode focuses on Feryl's lack of confidence, feeling that he is useless and has let down the Spectral Knights. This is not helped when Leoric single handily defeats the group of pirates, gaining the admiration of the townsfolk. After this Feryl decides to leave the Spectral Knights, feeling that it is for the best.

The Darkling Lords try to enlist the services of Feryl, who wants nothing of it. Their focus them switches to Leoric, hoping to capture him by inflicting Cravex's power of fear on him. Their plan works and they manage to capture Leoric and strip him of his magical power.

Feryl follows the Darkling Lords back to their castle, and frees Leoric, restoring his totem. The two escape under fire from the Darkling Lords. Leoric then convinces Feryl of his worth to the Spectral Knights and they ride off into the distance.

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to the episode? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. We see another female Darkling Lord, who is un-named but wears pink and black armour.
  2. For the second episode in a row, Leoric looses his totem.
  3. Darkstorm has a torture device known as the Pully-web.
  4. Darkstorm's bedroom is in the tallest tower of his castle. He has a large, four poster bed and nice furniture ....that is until the Skyclaw crashes into it.
  5. There are tax collectors on Prysmos
  6. There are crocodiles outside of Darkstorm's castle, which is in a swamp (which was mentioned by a civilian in episode 2).
  7. We learn that knights can use other knight's power staffs.
  8. Darkstorm collects antique armour (which was destroyed by Cravex, Cindarr and Lexor)
  9. We see the first bar on Prysmos, the Sign of the Ram Inn

Missing Scenes

The following list details scenes which were removed from the Visionaries episode Ep 5: Feryl Steps Out but appear within the original episode scripts.

  1. In the episode we see Feryl run across some alligators in wolf mode, before sneaking into a large drain, walking past a spider. In the notes his entrance to the castle is far more detailed.

    First he skips across the alligators, and sneaks through the grate into the drain. From here he walks past the spider (which is written in quiet a bit of detail). Feryl then notices a wire just above the water level, like a trip wire. He finds a twig and moves the wire, setting of a trap (a jagged spike), before moving on.

    After the scene changes back to the Darkling Lords, it returns to Feryl, still in the drain. As he walks along the waterway, he falls into an underwater hole. After splashing around for a while he starts to swim to the surface. As he does a crack appears in one of the walls, and three slimey green tentacles shoot out at him. Just as Feryl has pulled himself out of the water the tentacles grab hold of him and pull him back in. After struggling underwater for awhile is shocked to see more tentacles (and three large eyes) coming at him.

    Feryl then uses his 'zapper' to zap one of the tentacles, making a sticky black ichor (ink) seep out. Feryl gets surrounded by the ink, so much that he cannot see. He eventually surfaces gasping for breath. As he starts to slowly walk away, three more tentacles shoot out the water after him. He turns, zaps them with his weapon and watches as they return to the water. He then backs off, expecting another attack, until he finds a shaft of light shinning through a drain. As he peers through the drain he sees Leoric, all tied up.
  2. When Leoric and Feryl go to escape, Darkstorm blocks off one of the exits, the passage which Feryl entered by, forcing them to leave via the castle (as they do in the actual episode). There was also a scene planned showing Darkstorm closing the drawbridge and another where Feryl and Leoric discuss where they are heading (for the Dagger Assault or to get the power staffs). In the episode they head to the Dagger Assault and find the power staffs there anyway

Altered Scenes

Below you will find a list of all of the scenes within the episode Ep 5: Feryl Steps Out which were changed from the original planned scenes within Buzz Dixon's script.

  1. During the escape Feryl holds off the Darkling Lords whilst Lexor yells at him, then asks Cindarr to activate his power, which he does and it destroys part of the castle.

    In the original script Lexor asks Darkstorm to teach Feryl a lesson. Darkstorm then stares at Lexor before Cindar yells Smash, Cravex yells Destroy and Virulina yells No! Take him alive, for our later amusement.

    Virulina then attacks Feryl, who sweaps her of her feet with a zap from his weapon. Next up is Cindarr, who attacks Feryl by hand, again receiving a zap, though this time to his chest. Cindarr then falls on to Lexor's chest. The next Darkling Lord to try his luck is Cravex, who ends up burying his hatchet into the wall. Feryl then ducks another blow and Cravex topples down some stairs with a bump. This leaves Darkstorm and Mortdredd left, and the leader of the Darkling Lords orders his loyal subject to stop the Spectral Knight. Feryl fakes out Mortdredd with a few feints before ramming his weapons (which is off) into the underside of Mortdredd's chin.

    After this Lexor calls for Cindarr to use his power of Destruction and the screen follows that of the cartoon.


  1. Virulina disguises herself as Feryl, which also includes his Totem (somehow), which although is not a blooper, it is not possible unless it was just a picture.
  2. Again not really a blooper, but Recon uses a torch whilst on the Dagger Assault. The question is how can the torch work if there is no technology?
  3. After Leoric and Feryl have escaped, Darkstorm is seen in the back of the Sky Claw with no gloves.

Featured Characters

  1. Wind Wagon
  2. Land Pirate Captain
  3. Land Pirates
  4. Unnamed Villagers
  5. Leoric
  6. Capture Chariot
  7. Feryl
  8. Arzon
  9. Galadria
  10. Female Darkling Lord
  11. Darkstorm
  12. Mortdredd
  13. Sign of the Ram Barkeep
  14. Sky Claw
  15. Cravex
  16. Virulina
  17. Dagger Assault
  18. Reekon
  19. Cindarr
  20. Lexor


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