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Magical Rhyme: ""

Faction: Darkling Lords
Series: Series 2
Released: Not Released
Magical Power:
Magical Totem:
Magical Device:
Hand-To-Hand Weapon: Axe
Primary Colour: Black
Secondary Colour: Grey


Kabor is one of the Season Two Darkling Lords who did not make it to retail stores. You would think that writing a review on such a figure would be impossible, other than using speculation based upon the images contained in the catalogue scans. That is something which I don't want to do, I will comment on the toy from the scan, but my review will focus on the character’s shield. The reason why I will focus on the characters shield is because I was lucky enough to handle the resin hardcopy in order to take some photographs for

Kabor's Shield
Kabor's shield has some really nicely sculpted rocks on the outside of the shield along with 6 horns (claws) on the lower portion of the shield. These horns are representative of the horns on Kabor's helmet (the design and colour of which appear to be based on a Rhino).
The top of the shield has two more horns on the outside of a rock and below that are three circles (like a tri-bola whip). The outside of the shield has a detailed, but unique pattern, running vertically for half of the height of the shield.
The bottom of the shield is a pole, which doesn't really fit with the rest of the design of the shield.

Of the resin shields from Season Two which I've had the opportunity to photograph, this is one of my favourites.

Kabor's Gun
Kabor was due to come to an axe, however the original design was that Kabor was to have a gun, something which can be seen in some of the Neil Adams artwork, along with concept sketches. The decision to change the weapon from the gun to the axe is one which makes sense, as Kabor's design (of the figure and shield) lends itself more to mealy combat rather than ranged.
The gun was made up of circular objects and straight lines, something that really doesn't fit with the shield.

Kabor's Design
Kabor's design appears to be based around a Rhinoceros or Triceratops (the latter was featured on an early design concept). The toy had teeth/claw/horns coming out of his boots, and plates of armour which sit over the top of each other.
The colour of the toy, grey and black, also leans towards a Rhinoceros. His boots have different designs on them, one of which appears be based around toes, whereas the second foot is more plate armour design.
Kabor's design may look quiet bland when you look at it at first, but when you look closer it's one of the more detailed designs, and probably far more detailed than season one's characters.

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