Episode Summary

Things begin with Arzon and Feryl running away from the Sky Claw piloted by Mortdredd and Cravex when they come across a tomb. Cravex wants to smash it open and take any treasure but is out voted by the other three. They agree to get all the Darkling Lords and Spectral Knights to meet together at Merklynns Shrine.

Merklynn tells the two sides that the tomb is that of the Sun Imps, nasty magical creatures that caused so much havoc during the First Age of Magic that all of the forces in the old world joined together to seal them into a tomb. Over times earthquakes unsealed the tomb and now someone must go and reseal the land. Merklynn orders both the Darkling Lords and the Spectral Knights to go on the mission. Lexor voices his displeasure at manual work which is second by Arzon. Lexor thinks up all kinds of reasons why Merkylnn might be hiding something but can not convince anyone, so instead he tricks Cindarr into releasing the Power of Destruction. Cryotek manages to destroy the creature with the power of his staff but not until it has released the Sun Imps.

The Darkling Lords and Spectral Knights decide to join forces (see notes for missing scene). Upon consulting the Bearer Of Knowledge for help, the group get pied as the Sun Imp Abraxas manipulates his actions. The groups try to chase down the Sin Imps who disappear into cracks in the ground.

The Sun Imps then spread out causing trouble, one Abraxas even turns up at Merklynns shrine. Abraxas turns Merklynn into a blueberry and then a creeping blorch after imprisoning him. Meanwhile Shaggy plays with Darkstorm controlling him through his hair whilst Knightmare causes Mortdredd to give away Darkstorms gold. Meanwhile the Spectral Knights are being caused problems by Gorge letting out pigs and Pangar who takes control over Leoric after he turns into his lion totem.

After the sun comes down the Sun Imps turn back into their animal forms which allows Merklynn to free himself followed by Leoric and Darkstorm. Merklynn informs the groups that to be rid of the Imps you must place them in totally dark containers, carry them to the tomb and then seal the door. Ectar and Reekon come up with a plan to lure the Sun Imps into a false sense of security and then sprig on them one by one. The first to be caught is Growl, Leoric lures him in and then Cindarr uses his Power of Destruction to capture him. Next up they go after Knightmare, this time Ectar traps him. Virulina and Galadria go after Mysto. Ectar, Lexor, Mortdredd and Reekon all go after Shaggy, whilst Galardia, Cyrotek, Virulina, Cravex, Cindarr and Arzon round up Gorge. That leaves Merklynn to deal with Abraxas. The Sun Imps are then returned to the tomb where they are resealed .. other than Gorge who was accidently set free by Cindarr. As the Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords leave Shaggy goes to free the other Sun Imps, only to have Merklynn close the door to the tomb on him

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to the episode? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. The sign on the Sun Imps tomb says Cursed is he who violated this seal! Please stay out! Terrible things are entombed within.
  2. Arzon's dislike of manual work is a reflection on his blue blood roots, something that had only been mentioned in a missing scene up to this point. Arzon, like many of the Spectral Knights, is actually a prince
  3. When the scene shifts to New Valarak there is yet another reference to the Botanical Committee, they wish to grow ivy on the cities walls. Also the farmers who were given magical seeds back in episode 3 are mentioned as they are being accused of unfair competition to the Botanical Committee

Missing Scenes

The following list details scenes which were removed from the Visionaries episode Ep 13: Dawn Of The Sun Imps but appear within the original episode scripts.

  1. In the missing scene where the Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords decide to join forces after releasing the Sun Imps Leoric starts the missing dialog when he says Deal with it later! We've got to come up with a way to handle these Sun Imps!? Darkstorm replies with Yes. Unfortuanatly, Leoric, I think we must join forces. Leoric adds Believe me, the alliance pleaes me no more than you! then he asks Arzon to summon the Bearer of Knowledge which is still included in the final version, however this is extended.

    Arson begins to summon the bearer with a whim, a thought .. before he is interrupted by an annoyed Leoric who goes on to say Arzon! Our cooperation with Darkstorm is temporary. It would be best to whisper your incantation. Arzon then whispers Oh, a whim a thought, and more is sought awake my mind, thy will be wrought!. The Bearer Of Knowledge appears and askes Is there any particular reason you are whispering?!? Oh, I understand?.. This exchange is replaced simply with Azaon?s incantation.

    It's an interesting decision as it implies that their incantations were told in secret and confirms that anyone one can use the staff as long as they know the words. Which begs the question how Cryotek came to know Cindarrs words in the previous episode.

    After The Bearer has pied the group, The Sun Imp Abraxas was supposed to have spoken. This was cut out of the final version. He was supposed to have laughed and said Your weak willed Bearer of Knowledge seems a little confused. I am trying to help him!.

    Another small exchange was removed just after the Sun Imps dissappear. After Leoric says he hopes this is the last we see of them Darkstorm replies I think you?re right?, followed by Ectar adding Yet again we agree and Reekon joins in with I am disturbed by this friendly trend! and finally Ectar ends the scene with As am I!.
  2. There is another missing scene which takes place just after Darkstorm is being teased by Shaggy.

    In this scene a guard asked Excuse me, Mortdredd, but I fail to understand the reason for this particular deployment of guards..
    Mortdredd replies with Oh. Its quiet simple, really. The front four are guarding the treasury. The next three are guarding the front four and the two are guarding the three and you are guarding the two! There! In short, you are the only one who doesn?t have a halberd in his back and ..
    the Head guard then pipes in with I am chained to the floor
    Mortdredd then ends the scene with Precisely. Darkstorm is not a man who likes to leave things to chance

Altered Scenes

Below you will find a list of all of the scenes within the episode Ep 13: Dawn Of The Sun Imps which were changed from the original planned scenes within Flint Dille's script.


Featured Characters

  1. Arzon
  2. Feryl
  3. Sky Claw
  4. Cravex
  5. Mortdredd
  6. Merklynn
  7. Leoric
  8. Cryotek
  9. Ectar
  10. Galadria
  11. Mortdredd
  12. Darkstorm
  13. Cindarr
  14. Cravex
  15. Lexor
  16. Reekon
  17. Virulina
  18. Abraxus
  19. Shaggy
  20. Knightmare
  21. Gorge
  22. Growl
  23. Unnamed Villagers


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