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Magical Rhyme: "Shield this craft from one and all. Reflect, deflect, depose and fall!" - this spell was never actually used in either the cartoon or the comic."

Faction: Spectral Knights
Series: Series 1
Released: 1987
Totem: Fox
Magical Power: Protection
Magical Totem:
Magical Device: Lancer Chariot
Hand-To-Hand Weapon: Claw
Primary Colour: White
Secondary Colour: Dark Blue


Ectar is the pilot of the Lancer Cycle, so is one of the four series one Visionaries toys which was only available with a vehicle. Ectar was the security specialist, and former lawman, of the Spectral Knights who worked and lived within New Valarak. Ectar is one of the more senior members of the Spectral Knights, along with Leoric, Arzon and Feryl.

Ectar is another of the Spectral Knights to feature two of the three "80's good guy colours" of white and blue (he's only missing the red). The you has a rather odd feature of having blue eyes, which is quiet rare for an action figure, but the colouring of the blue looks a little odd. Ectar is one of three blonde Spectral Knights from series one (the others being Witterquick and Galadria).

Ectar's animal totem is that of a fox, a rather fat fox going by the shape of the body. As he has a vehicle he doesn't have a staff or shield hologram. His weapon is a claw which is the size of his forearm.

Ectar's sculpting is quiet unique for the Visionaries, designed using multiple rings (a littl like the Michelin man). The fact that Ectar is white also emphases the similarities. Ectar's helmet fits pretty well, one of the better fits of the toys.
Ectar has the benefit of not having any shoulder pads on his design, which means that the figure has complete 360 degree rotation at the shoulder joint. This is quiet rare for the Visionaries toys.

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