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Magical Rhyme: ""

Faction: Spectral Knights
Series: Series 2
Released: Not Released
Magical Power:
Magical Totem:
Magical Device:
Hand-To-Hand Weapon: Double bladed axe
Primary Colour: Green
Secondary Colour: Silver


Lazorlash is one of the Season Two Spectral Knights who made it as far as a final paint sample (at least) in the production run, and was featured in one of the toy fair catalogues. Like most of the Season Two characters not much is known around the character, or the toy, however we are lucky enough to own the original 2-up resin hard copy shield, with gives us a new (unique) perspective to review the toy.

Lazorlash Toy

I'll first take a look at the toy, based on the catalogue scan. Lazorlash had three colours on toy, green (in a glossy finish), silver and purple (used on detailing around his ankles). The figure features some circular designs on the arms and legs (below the elbows and knees), with ribbed style armour on the feet. His chest appears to have some straps molded into the chest piece, above his holographic chest plate. His helmet is an open faced visor, a little similar to Leroic's helmet from season 1.
Lazorlash appears to have a double chin, features black eyebrows and eyes (although it is unclear if the character has black hair or is bald (a feature of a couple of season two characters).

Lazorlash features a double-bladed axe; the design has some resemblance to a few axes in the Masters of the Universe toy range.

Lazorlash's Shield

At first glance Lazorlash's shield looks pretty bland, a little like the characters design, although is still more detailed than many of the season one characters. The shield is a standard Visionaries style shield, only featuring a new type of handle.
The top of the shield features two blades like designs, with a triple crown in the centre. The outside of the shield features some angled edges with 6 horizontal ribs at the bottom (matching the horizontal ribs on the toys feet). The main feature of the shield is the two nicely sculpted daggers on the outside of the shield. It is a little strange that these do not match the double-bladed axe,?but it could be at some stage the character was designed to have knives rather than an axe.

At the bottom of the shield is, in my opinion, the most interesting piece. The central "claw" protrudes out of the shield, and in the hard copy this piece is loose and slides in (as shown in a few images). The back of this piece appears to be broken off on the resin, which is a shame. Having not seen (at the time of writing this) any concept art or box art for Lazorlash I can only speculate as to what this is. I believe, basing this on other characters, that this was intended to be some sort of gun.

I really like Lazorlash's shield, having seen the hard copy its design has grown on me. The handle on the hard copy isn't actually a handle, when you look at the final product on the catalogue scan, and it seems to more resemble the backpack of the GI Joe character Voltar.

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