Episode Summary

The story begins at a party in New Valarak, Cryotek becoming disgruntled that the other Spectral Knights see him as being boring and predictable. Arzon takes him out of castle and along with Feryl to free some eagle nests that are being pinned down by some collapsed spires that the Darkling Lords have been using for target practice. A fight ensures and Croytek is placed in the Magical Dungeon of the Dagger Assault. As Rekkon powers up the dungeon Cravex is dragged inside by the Spectral Knight. Seeing that Cravex is also captured, Darkstorm orders Rekkon to reverse polarity. Croytek escapes with Cindarrs power staff but something seems arise with the strongest Spectral Knight.

After returning to the party, Croytek soon becomes agitated and leaves, but not before stealing Witterquick's Power of Light Speed staff. It is only when confronted by Witterquick and Galadria do they all realise that when Cryotek was placed in the Magical dungeon he did not loose his totem but instead gained Cravex Phylot and all the evil magic that went with it!!

After following Cryotek the Spectral Knights team up with the Darkling Lords under the common goal of returning Cravex?s magical totem from Cyrotek, who has returned to his homeland to build a new kingdom. When the group arrive at Northalia, the uncontrollable Cravex unleashes his Power of Fear on Cryotek who hallucinates about a giant monster attacking his homeland. He retaliates by unleashing the Power of Destruction who causes an avalanche that would have destroyed the town were it not for Lexors Power of Invulnerability and the combined power of Visionaries vehicles. As the Darkling Lords close in on Cyrotek, the Northalia native uses Witterquick's Power of Light Speed to travel to Merklynns shrine atop Iron Mountain and asks the magician to help him remove Cravex totem. Unfortunately the Phylot personality kicks in before Merklynn can look up the spell, and Cyrotek leaves with three fully powered staffs. A brief aerial battle over the skies of castle Darkstorm between the Sky Dagger and Cryotek sees Cryotek falling but not before using the Archer to disable the Darkling Lords craft and the Power of Lightspeed to save himself.

Whilst unleashing The Power of Destruction, to destroy Darkstorms castle, Cryotek reverts back to himself when Galadria is put in mortal danger. Saving her he is trapped by a crumbling tower. His feelings for Galadria gave him the power to take control from the Phylot. After removing the totem the Spectral Knights steal the dagger assault and break their way out of the Castle, crashing the craft into the moat and using Darkstorms bed to get to the bank

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to the episode? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. We see more citizens of New Valarak at the party than we have done in the other episodes, one of which appeared a few times in Episode 1 where he had a speaking role
  2. Witterquick is shown to be an excellent juggler
  3. Cryotek can't dance, claiming that he has two left feet when it comes to dancing
  4. Cryotek is the eldest of the Spectral Knights (placing him probably in his mid 40's)
  5. Cryotek tends to always give the same toast
  6. The Capture Chariots pods are referred to as the Hover-pods by Cryotek
  7. Cryotek refers to Witterquick simply as Witter
  8. Cryotek is from the City of Northalia
  9. Cryotek re-charges all three power staffs without having to complete a quest for Merklynn
  10. Mortredd falls from and crashes the Sky Dagger again in this episode
  11. The Spectral Knights crash the Dagger Assault into Darkstorms moat and escape on his bed
  12. This is the first episode where Galadria is shown kissing Cryotek
  13. The Power of light speed is used twice, the power of destruction is used twice, the power of invulnerability is used once, the Power of the Archer is used once

Missing Scenes

The following list details scenes which were removed from the Visionaries episode Ep 11: Sorcery Squared but appear within the original episode scripts.

Altered Scenes

Below you will find a list of all of the scenes within the episode Ep 11: Sorcery Squared which were changed from the original planned scenes within Douglas Booth's script.


  1. Whilst attacking the Dagger Dart in his eagle form, Arzon grows in size to have a larger wingspan that the Darkling Lord vehicle

Featured Characters

  1. Unnamed Villagers
  2. Leoric
  3. Cryotek
  4. Galadria
  5. Witterquick
  6. Ectar
  7. Feryl
  8. Arzon
  9. Dagger Assault
  10. Mortdredd
  11. Darkstorm
  12. Reekon
  13. Cindarr
  14. Cravex
  15. Capture Chariot
  16. Lancer Cycle
  17. Sky Claw
  18. Virulina
  19. Lexor
  20. Northalian Villagers


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- Named only or dropped.
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