Visionaries The Game

Posted on May 11th 2015 by David Mapes

Milton Bradley Board Games

Visionaries: The Game

Planned for release by Milton Bradley in Year 2 of Visionaries, Visionaries: The Game was a 2 dimensional board game where the premise of the game was to move your Visionaries characters around Prysmos in order to reach the Magical Light. The tagline to the Visionaries series is Knights of the Magical Light, and although the light is mentioned once in the cartoon series, the Magical Light is never mentioned in name (it is merely assumed that this light is the magical power which Merklynn bestows on the successful knights). In Visionaries: The Game the magical light was actually going to appear as some sort of crystal or light source and the end of the game, we assume indicating that your Knight then gains their power (or some other sort of power). The image below shows an early concept of the Magical Light at the end of the game. Interestingly the image below shows a trap, activated by your hand, pushing the knight away.

The Magical Light was to make an appearance in Visionaries: The Game

The game was to feature 3D pieces such as the Ice Bridge and Darkling Cave, which would act as obstacles for you to overcome (based a little on the challenges the knights faced in Iron Mountain). Items would feature interactive elements such as the Ice Bridge which was designed to crumble beneath the knight’s feet. Exactly how this play feature was going to work we currently do not know, although we will continue to investigate in the hope of bring more information on this feature.

The Ice Bridge
The Ice Bridge concept

The game would also feature playing cards with holograms of the different Visionaries animal totems on them, as would sections of the board itself. These holograms were going to be the same ones featured on the toys (keeping cost and RND down).
Visionaries: The Game made it through a brainstorming session and Milton Bradley had started on development before the series was cancelled by Hasbro. We are unsure what, if any, pieces exist today other than some concept art from the brain storming session.


Concept Artwork owned by The Mapes Bros
Confirmed by John Gentile (one of the original concept designers from Abrahams-Gentile, the company which created Visionaries)