The Geology of Prysmos

Prysmos is the planet on which the Visionaries series is based. It resides in a Tri-Star System who's suns appear blue, green and red. The blue sun is the hottest, with temperatures reaching over 10,000 degrees and the yellow sun is the coolest, burning around 6,000 degrees and the green sun burns at around 8,000 degrees.

If you are wondering, planets in a Tri-Star system only orbit one of the suns, the other two, although in the same solar system, would act like normal stars. This is different in Visionaries, where all three stars appear to be orbited by Prysmos

The Geography Of Prysmos

Below you will find a summary of various places on interest on Prysmos. Many of these are the towns, cities and provinces on Prysmos, whilst others are buildings and landmarks. Those places named in inverted commons were never officially named.

Maps of Prysmos are hard to come by, although using the comics and cartoons we hope to bring you the most accurate representation of a map of Prysmos which you will find. Interestingly in the comic series an old map is shown which represents the continent on which Prysmos resides. This continent resembles the outline of North America and parts of Mexico, with parts of Canada removed. This is the most detailed outline produced in any of the Visionaries media.

The History of Prysmos

Prysmos is based in a far away galaxy and is a very ancient planet. The inhabitants (who as a species are never named) are a humanoid race which have lived on the planet for a very long time. All that is known about the history of the people of Prysmos is that for the last 7,000 years they have lived in a time of peace and technological splendour. There is no indication to what life on Prysmos was like before this time, nor how long they have been around on Prysmos (for example humans have been on the Earth for around 4 million years in one form or another).

Prysmos was a very technologically advanced world which was split up into many kingdoms, the largest of which is New Valarak. To the west of New Valark lies the city of Khemir, the most advanced city on the planet, with it's awe inspiring spires, aerodynamic vehicles and vast factories. Khemir's inhabitants, the Khemirites, were of noble birth, each of whom had robot workers.

Prysmos shrived until a cataclysm event, the re-alignment of the three suns, which lead to the disruption of all electrical forces on the planet (like a giant Electro-Magnetic Pulse). The effects of this were devastating, and civilisation as they knew it collapsed. After some time (it is unknown exactly how long, although the indication is that it was only around 5 to 10 years) a new order arose, although more primitive and resembling the Medieval Times on Earth.


Anarchy Zone

The Anarchy Zone is located outside of New Valarak and is an area consisting of a few towns and mountains which has no laws. Some of the towns resemble the Wild West and are home to a variety of creatures, such as humans, dwarves and magical creatures.


Androsia is never shown in the Visionaries series, and so it's location on Prysmos is unknown. However as Galadria was heading back there in the second episode (The Dark Hand of Treachery), as it is her home town, it is assumed that Androsia lies north of New Valarak and is somewhere near the coast (due to Galadria's fear of drowning and her great swimming abilities).


The Athenaeum is located on a dusty area of Prysmos, and it's exact location is never named. This small building features Roman like architecture and is home to the Omnipoticron, a small but very powerful magical book. The dragon Smallog also resides inside the Athenaeum, where he keeps guard on the book. Unfortunately Smallog is a bit long in the tooth and is in need of feeding. The location of the Athenaeum is known by the wizard Falkama, who led the Darkling Lords there.

Cape Terror

Cape Terror is on the coast to the East of New Valarak. It is a well known landscape and is seven leagues away from Heskedor's Island. The name indicates that the rocky coastline is very dangerous, probably to boats.

Darkstorm's Castle

It is unknown where about's on Prysmos Darkstorm's Castle is exactly located, although the area is often referred to as the Dark Domains. Darkstorm's Castle is surrounded by flat lands and has a moat around the outside of the castle seperating it from the slum towns outside. His castle has a reptilian feel to the architecture, with various scales and even a Mollusk shell within the design work. The castle has various dungeons and cellars and it's only entrance is via a draw bridge - or the sewer drain.

Darkstorm's Dark Domain is said to be vast, and the amount of land he rules over is said to only be second to that of Leoric.


Deadbark is a small, rough town, which resembles the Wild West. It is the home to the Magic Eater, a strange creature with many eyes which likes to eat people. Also in the town is a dwarf which was one of Ectar's stools when he was a policeman, during the age of technology.

Farming Village

Within the borders of New Valarak is a small farming village, who's soil became spoilt and they townsfolk found it impossible to grow their crops. After completing a task for Merklynn (gaining the Dragon's Eye), the town was rewarded with magical crops. These crops flourished and grew and rapid rates. Unfortunately the other farming villages of Prysmos were not very happy at this, and a dispute over unfair competition started, which Leoric had to try and mediate.

Heskedor's Island Cave

Heskedor's Island Cave is located on a small island, seven leagues beyond Cape Terror. It is completely cut off from land and consists of a jagged mountain and little else. A cave, around 3/4 of the way up, is the home to Heskedor, and old witch who has been around for a over a millennia (probably from the first age of magic).

Iron Mountain - Merklynn's Shrine

Merklynn's Shrine can be found atop Iron Mountain, an ancient magical place where the great wizard resigns. Iron Mountain is accessible via one mountain road, which weaves it's way through a canon up the mountain. There are various traps and obstacles within Merklynn's Shrine, which he uses to test Knights, in order to see if they are worthy of receiving his magic.

Iron Mountain is South West of New Valarak and once contained a popular dinner, known as the Iron Mountain Diner, which was destroyed during the cataclysmic events during the alignment of the Three Suns of Prysmos.


There are various jungles on Prysmos, such as the one near to Khemir and also a larger thicker jungle, where Cindarr is from. In a dense part of this jungle lives a race of sentient plants, ruled by the Meat Eater Leader (a Meateous Chompiti plant). The Meateous Chompiti is a vary rare species of plant, and only grows in this part of Prysmos. The Meat Eater Leader resembles a giant Venus Fly Trap which has a passion for meat, especially stake and kebabs, dipped in Mustard, Ketchup and Barbeque source.

Khemir (Kamir)

Khemir is home to the Khemirites, an aristocratic people who lived in wealth and splendor during the Technological Age. The cataclysmic events which rendered all technology useless effected Khemir more than most cites and towns. The town, which featured great towers, huge factors and lush dwellings, is now over run by forest. The robotic workers which the Khemirites owned are now useless, and they are left struggle to get to grips with the New Age. Their leader is an aristocratic man called Orzan, who hated the idea of his people having to work for themselves. That was until they met the Spectral Knights, to thought them that freedom and hard work has it's own rewards.

Mount Bellacost

Mount Bellacost is a mountain in the Anarchy Zone. It is never shown, only mentioned, although it's location is probably near to the Lost Shrine.

New Valarak

The largest and main city on Prysmos, New Valarak is governed by Leoric and the Spectral Knights. The city is vast with great towers and spires, resembling a castle. The Spectral Knights main base is within New Valarak, and is the home to Leoric, Ectar, Feryl and Witterquick. Arzon, Cryotek and Galadria are all from other towns.

New Valarak is in the Eastern part of the continent in which it resides. It is 86 miles south of Gravestone Bay, which appears to be at the North East point of the continent, and 70 miles south of Meteor Peak.


To the north of New Valarak lies the icy region of Northalia, the home of Cryotek. The town is situated in a valley surrounded by icy mountains.

Shadow Mountain

The location of Shadow Mountain is not given, although it is probably in the same mountain range as Iron Mountain and the Wizards Gaol. On the slops of Shadow Mountain lies a magical pool known as the Eternal Spring, which holds a cure to old age. The spring is also the only location that Rainbow Flowers can grow, which are the indication that you have reached the spring. Unfortunately due to Cindarr's Power of Destruction, the spring is dried up, although some of it's water still flows in a cave underground. Various creatures live on Shadow Mountain, which makes a trek to the Eternal Spring very dangerous.

Shepard's Village

One of the many farming communities on Prysmos, this village consisted of shepherds and shepherdesses. Like the Northern Frontier, there is a monolith near to the town, as well as some small hills. The town also features a well and was attacked by a group of Land Pirates witihn the cartoon episode Feryl Steps Out.

Sign of the Ram Inn

The Sign of the Ram Inn is located just outside of new Valarak, although it's exact location is unknown. The inn is privately owned by the barman, and is often prone to bar fights.

Sun Imp Tomb

The Sun Imp's Tomb is located in a large crack in the ground, as it was buried during the first age of magic and was only uncovered due to earthquakes. The tomb is very small and houses the Sun Imps, who are sealed in various containers.

The Lost Shrine

On the West side of the Anarchy Zone lies the Lost Shrine, a shrine which contains immense power, power that could make any wizard unstoppable. The shrine is known as the Lost Shrine as no-body was supposed to know where it was. However the wizard Weezaweena found the location of the lost shrine and hoped to gain it's powers. The Spectral Knights also learned the location of the Lost Shrine from a creature known as the Magical Easter, which lives in the town of Deadbark, in the Anarchy Zone.

The Northern Frontier

On the northern boarders of New Valarak lies a small farming community known simply as the Northern Frontier. The town is a farming community and is surrounded by various monoliths, hills and plains. It is home to Gleering and his daughter Fletchin, who becomes very close to Leoric.

Unicorn Island

In one of the seas on Prysmos lies a small island which is the home to Unicorns and the Wood Nymphs. The island is covered in woodland other than a small lake and a mountain, which is near the edge of the island.

Vanadium Mines

The Vanadium Mines, located near to Khemir, are notorious for there treacherous conditions. The Khemirites used to have their robot workers work the mines due to the danger, but now technology does not work the Vanadium has to be mined by humans.

Wizards Gaol ('Jail')

The Wizards Gaol (pronounced Wizards Jail) is located in a mountain in the same mountain range as Iron Mountain. This jail is home to all the evil and mischievous wizards, such as Weezaweena, Bogavas and eventually Falkama and at one point Merklynn.

Gaol is an old gothic word meaning Jail. Wally Burr, the voice director in the Visionaries series, informed us that the Arthurian overtones in the Visionaries cartoon was deliberate, as they were seaking an "olde-world English" feel to the series. This explains the spelling of Wizards Gaol.


Bronze Warrior and surrounding town

The Bronze Warrior is a huge statue which was errected during the Age of Science. The statue, which once shined with it's bronze finish, is now green from erosion and weathering.

The Bronze Warrior overlooks a small town, which was once under the control of the Warlord Master Kavor. It is south of Double Peak, which is several hours away by foot.

City of the High-Flyers

The City of the High-Flyers can be found in the peaks of the Mountains near East Regalia. Icara is the leader of the High Flyers of Avitrix, and it is her people who occupy and rule over these lands.

It is unclear if Avitrix is the name of the city, which is refered to simply as the City of the High-Flyers or the God of the High Flyers - as one of the high flyers curses in the name of Avitrix).

Dark Domain's Slum Town

Just outside of Darkstorm's castle is one of many slum towns in the Dark Domain. Darkstorm's rule of terror has meant the living conditions nof those who live within his domain are dier. Within this slum town is Harklon's Blacksmith shop, now abandoned after Harklon fled the Darkling Lords for the safety of New Valarak.

Double Peak

Double Peak is another unique rock formation within the Northern Hills, located north of the Bronze Warrior and south of Meteor Peak. Double Peak is home to the Guardian of Dreams, who is the gatekeeper to the tomb of Sirena, a powerful witch from the first Age of Magic.

East Regalia

Yet another mountainous region north of New Valarak, near to the Northern Hills and Meteor Peak. High in the peaks of some of the mountains of East Egalia is the City of the High-Flyers.

Gravestone Bay

At the North-Eastern tip of the continent where New Valarak resides, you will find Gravestone Bay. Some 16 miles north of Meteor Peak, the bay looks out over a vast ocean whilst the continent continues northwards in to the Unknown Territories.

Harklon's Blacksmith Shop

Harklon's Blacksmith shop is located in one of the Slum Towns within the Dark Domain, near to Darkstorm's Castle. Harklon, the owner of the shop, was a great craftsman during the Age of Science, and it was he who created the Sky Claw and Dagger Assault.

Meteor Peak

70 miles North East of New Valarak, Meteor Peak hid a secret for thousands of years. It was the location of a meteor strike back in the early days of the Age of Science, and within it's un-natural form was a weapon so powerful that it could end the second Age of Magic. The weapon, and the peak, were destroyed during a battle between the Spectral Knights and the Darkling Lords, and it is un-known how much remains.

Meteor Peak is surrounded by woods and forest, and is near to East Regalia and the Northern Hills.

Northern Hills

The Northern Hills are to the north of New Valarak and span a vast region, and spread into mountainous regions. Within the Northern Hills are famous areas such as Double Peak and the Bronze Warrior. To the East of the Northern Hills is a town called Rogol and to the West Klavin.

The God Tree

The God Tree is a tree which contained the "black-jewl", Opal, which enriced the earth making it fertile, where most of the Unknown Territories are infertile. The "black-jewl" was in fact the Earth Elemental Talisment, one of four, which Merklynn had send the Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords to obtain for him. The jewel was removed from the tree, thus it lost it's powers.

Unknown Territories

The Unknown Territories cover a wide area of land in the far north of the continent in which New Varlarak can be found. The area is still some what unknown and is home to various mobile villagers and gypsies.