Hasbro Marketing Book

Posted on November 27th 2013 by Steven Mapes

An official piece of Hasbro marketing material, not intended for public viewing, the Hasbro Visionaries Marketing book was given out to licencees to ensure that any and all Visionaries products were made to exact specifications to insure brand recognition.

The pages included box art imagary, line art, colour images, bios / information and colour charts. These would then be taken and use on official merchandise such as watches, lunch boxes, stickers etc.

The guide includes instructions to all licence holders on what they had to do to in order to comply with Hasbro's specifications, in order to get their products signed off before production took place.
Here are some of the interesting facts contained in the book

  • A Visionaries logo should appear on all panels of the packaging
  • The typesetting is Benguiat for all product names and logos
  • Exact PMS colours for all characters along with the gold and silver for the Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords, as well as the black are specified
  • The booklet includes the Iron Mountain on the same type of page as the other Series One vehicles.

Out copy of the marketing book is imcomplete and we have a damaged page as well. We had the booklet signed by Flint Dille and Niel Ross in 2011, although we scanned the pages prior to this.