Character Information

Age Several thousands of years
Cartoon Profile Merklynn appears during the great cataclysm and offers the people of Prysmos a chance to compete to gain magical powers. Merklynn's true intentions are unclear, as he uses both Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords to perform tasks for him. Merklynn is the
Colour Pale Skin, Grey Hair and Bear, Red Cloak
Comic Profile Merklynn appears during the great cataclysm and gloats over the destruction of the Age of Science, revoling in the new Age of Magic. During the short lived Visionaries comic series it becomes apparent that Merklynn has his own agenda and is using the Spe
From Iron Mountain
Power Magic
Pre-Production Notes Madricain was planned to be the ultimate leader of the Darkling Lords, and nemesis to Merklynn. His design was that of a techno-mage, a focus for the Season Two designs.
Toy Profile (Dutch) Mortdred ... specialist in sabotage, is de enige Lord, die in staat is Sky Claw te bedienen
Karaktersymbool ... de Tor, het symbool van infiltratie, bedriegerij en sabotage
Energiessymbolen van net Voertuig ... Aasetende gier verandret in een vliegende draak
Toy Profile (English) Series 2 of Visionaries included a working hologram of Merklynn as part of the Iron Mountain playset. This playset was never realeased
Toy Profile (French) Mortdred ... est le specialiste du sabotage et il est le seul Lord capable de maitriser Sky-claw
Symbole de Caractere ... Le Scarabee, roi de i'nfiltration, de la supercherie et du sabotage
Symbole d'Energie du Vehicule ... Le vaoutour des egouts qui se transforme en dragon volant
Toy Profile (German) Mortdred ... ist ein Spezialist fur au├čergewohnliche Angriffe. Er ist der Einzige, der die Flug-Kralle fuhren kann.
Magishes Symbol ... ist der listige Kafer, mit dessen Hilfe er seine Gegner tauscht
Magische Eigenschaft ... Mortdred ist wie ein Vogel, der sich in einen Drachen verwandeln hann.
Toy Profile (Italian) Mortdred ... specializzato in sabotaggi e l'unico signore dei dieli capace di pilotare i'Artiglio Stellare
/>Personalita Mistica ... lo Scarabeo che s'infiltra, imbroglia e sabota
Potenza Veicolare ... l'avvoltoio bazzicante si transforma in un drago volante!
Voice Actor Roscoe Lee Browne
Voice Actor (French) Francis Lax
Weapon Crystal Ball