Published By: IDW Publishing
Released: January 2018
Cost: $3.99

Written By: Magdalene Visaggio
Pencils: Fico Ossio
Letters: Gilberto Lazcano
Colours: David Garcia Cruz
Editor: Sarah Gaydos & Carlos Guzman
Editor-In-Chief: David Mariotte

Episode Summary

Set after the events of First Strike, Transformers vs Visionaries issue one picks up on Cybertron after Merklynn used his powers to create New Prysmos beneath the surface of Cybertron. Merklynn, viewed as an invader by the Cybertronians, leads the protectors of Prysmos (The Visionaries) on this new world. His original plan was to create a new home for the Prysmosians on an uninhabited planet, however things changed, and they now have a city on Cybertron.

Virulina, the leader of the Darkling Lords, is angry at Merklynn for creating what she refers to as a refugee camp rather than a planet. She wants to take control of the entire planet feeling that the Transformers are not alive but are just machines. The Spectral Knights, led by Leoric, disagree and feel they should use diplomacy to try to smooth things over with the planets inhabitants.

Ironhide and Kup are tasked with speaking to the Visionaries, with Ironhide viewing the Visionaries arrival as an attack rather than as refugees.

Whilst Kup and Ironhide meet with Leoric and Virulina, Wheeljack and Breakdown discover what the Prysmosians refer to as magic (or as Wheeljack prefers, unexplained science). When Breakdown comes into contact with the magic it has disastrous consequences for him.

Back at the negotiation table, Kup, Ironhide, Virulina and Leoric make slow progress. Virulina meets up with Cindarr at the Monastery of the Darkling Lords complaining that Ironhide is intent on going to war with them and their only option is to leave. Cindarr explains that he has learned something interesting from the talisman and that leaving may not be their only option.

Back in a Cybertron medical bay, the Transformers discover that the security field surrounding the city for New Prysmos is in fact spreading. The city appears to be tunnelling into the core of Cybertron towards Vector Sigma.

Ironhide, Kup, Leoric and Virulina restart their negotiations and Kup explains what they have discover, much to the surprise of Leoric. During the talks Ironhide can no longer hold back his frustration and Virulina uses this to launch a surprise attack.

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to this issue? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. Merklynn was living on Earth under the name of Garrison Krieger.
  2. Merklynn told the Visionaries that he would transform a new world for them.
  3. Merklynn is wanted by the Transformers to be held as a war criminal, as both Leoric and Kup describe him, for trying to start an invasion.
  4. Leoric was led to believe that Cybertron was not inhabited.
  5. Virulina is the leader of the Darkling Lords following the death of Darkstorm
  6. Virulina describes the Transformers as "glorified horse carts" and "talking abacus"
  7. Virulina called New Pyrsmos a refugee camp and is unhappy that Merklynn's powers did not give them control of the whole planet.
  8. The Spectral Knights are first named as such by Galadria on page 6 of the comic.
  9. Galadria is unhappy that the meeting is taking place without all of the Spectral Knights.
  10. Cryotek is name dropped by Arzon but does not feature
  11. Witterquick's only line is "Oh, that's a surprise" despite appearing within the 'roll call' page.
  12. Cravex's only line is "So they claim", even less than Witterquick.
  13. Merklynn describes the Visionaries as being the "Protectors of Prysmos" and repeatedly refers to them as "his Visionaries"
  14. Ironhide is not happy that there are refugees on Cybertron especially as their Energon levels are extremely low.
  15. The Visionaries have been treating Merklynn as a Prince, something that Leoric believes they should stop doing now that he has invaded an inhabit planet.
  16. Darkstorm is said to have died along with millons of others who were left behind when Prysmos was torn apart during the trinary de-alignment.
  17. The Visionaries do not understand the universal greeting of "Bah-Weep-Graaaaanah Wheep Ni Ni Bong".
  18. Merklynn uses the Talisman to raise New Prysmos.
  19. The Prysmosians are named as such by Wheeljack on page 11.
  20. Transformers appear to be infected with some sort of rapid rust (cosmic rust?)
  21. Merklynn has a magical pool within his quarters
  22. A huge statue to Darkstorm resides within the Monastery of the Darkling Lords
  23. Darkstorms character design is very close to the original 1987 version suggesting that the other characters could be presented in similar retro outfits in flashbacks to Prymos before the trinary de-alignment destroyed the planet.
  24. Cindarr now smokes a pipe
  25. Cindarr is no longer a dumb brute but is instead described as "thinker" which may be a foreboding hint that something will happen that results in the lost of his intelligence.
  26. The energy from the talisman is tunnelling through Cybertron
  27. Virulina kills Kup at the end of the story, something that is confirmed within the assistant editor David Mariotte article at the end of the issue. The plot point was requested by the publisher and not the writer Magdalene.
  28. The chairs which the Darkling Lords and Spectral Knights sit on in New Prysmos feature the totem symbol of each Visionaries character. The chairs are a similar shape to those used in the Capture Chariots' flying pods.


Mistakes happen within the comic industry, here is a list of this issues mistakes.

  1. Breakdown's name is misspelled as "Breakdowm" on the "roll call" page
  2. The energy wall surrounding New Prysmos is treated as if it is a security field controlled by the Transformers yet First Strike #6 and the recap page state that it was created by Merklynn.

Featured Characters

  1. Merklynn
  2. Leoric
  3. Virulina
  4. Cindarr
  5. Arzon
  6. Witterquick
  7. Lexor
  8. Galadria
  9. Cravex
  10. Cryotek
  11. Darkstorm


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