Episode Summary

* The actual product number for this episode was 87-10-08-06 according to the scripts, which is the same number as the previous episode. This should really have been 87-10-08-06

The episode starts with Darkstorm grumbling about how he has to travel to Iron Mountain in order to recharge their powers. Whilst grumbling to Mortdredd they remember that they have a wizard in their dungeon, Falkama (captured in the third episode). Falkama tells them of a powerful book, known as the Omnipoticron which can be found in the Athenaeum. If they can get that and Merklynn's orb then they will gain the power to defeat Merklynn.

Falkama then takes the Darkling Lords to the Athenaeum and they managed to collect the book, although it is guarded by a dragon called Smallog. After gaining the book Falkama informs Darkstorm that they need some wizardsbane, although he knows exactly where to find it.

The scene changes to New Valarak where Leoric and Witterquick are trying to settle some civic disputes before Witterquick barges in and informs them that the Darkling Lords are heading for the city. As the Spectral Knights go to stop them, they notice that the Darkling Lords are being rather obvious, and also surrender rather easily. This was all part of Darkstorm's plan, to get Merklynn out of the shrine (as he knew that Merklynn would help them escape again). Darkstorm then uses the wizardsbane on Merklynn in order to take his orbe, however that is not the end. When Falkama appears Darkstorm also zaps him as well sending both the wizards to the Wizards Gaol.

Darkstorm then uses magic to escape and freeze the Spectral Knights, allowing the other Darkling Lords to escape and make their way to Iron Mountain. When they arrive they are not best pleased with Darkstorm and start to make demands of him. Darkstorm fakes concern and casts spells on those who made the demands (Virulina, Rekkon and Lexor). Darkstorm then shows his loyal knights what he can do for them before chanting a spell never chanted before. As soon as he does he learns to regret it, as he causes the end of the world.

First up was the Plague of the Ground, followed by Apocalypse Rises, The Plague of Fire, The Rise of Vermin, The Innundation and the Time of Darkness.

Lexor, Rekkon and Virulina then return, to get revenge on Darkstorm, but they all end up fleeing from the Plague of Fire. After they flee from all the plagues up to The Innundation they finally make it to the Wizards Gaol, where Darkstorm begs Merklynn for his help.

Merklynn then explains that the Sacred-Secret-Spell was designed to stop mortals from using the wizards powers to destroy, and that it will always result in the mortal giving the power back to the wizard. During this the other wizards escape from the Gaol

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to the episode? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. Arzon is also a prince, although this is not mentioned in the cartoon only on the scripts
  2. There is a powerful book known as the Omnipoticron, which was stored in the Athenaeum
  3. Smallog is a dragon who lives in the Athenaeum
  4. The Wizards Gaol (Jail) is mentioned for the first time
  5. We learn that Darkstorm cannot swim
  6. We also learn that Leoric has been in power for the last 2 years
  7. Various magial chants were featured in this episode they were
    • Amissus-Hic-Locus-Cito! - Used by Darkstorm to transport the wizards
    • Profugio-Alibi-Propero - Used by Darkstorm to transport himself
    • Motus-Nullus - A freezing spell, used on some guards
    • Verrus-Interior-Perrumpo - An aging spell used on Virulina
    • Pommis Dartis - A transformation spell, used on Rekkon to transform him into an apple
    • Audius-Dinerium-Semper - A spell to inflict the cash-register noise, used on Rekkon
    • Verus-Loquor-Semper - A cloning spell used to created a double of Lexor who said what he was truly thinking
    • Cryptis..Mortem..Furma..Pocalypse - Known as the Sacred-Secret-Spell
    • Res-Hedius-Mundis - A spell to show the most hideous things on Prysmos - see missing scenes
    • Res-Pulkis-Mundis - A spell to show the most beautiful thing on Prysmos - see missing scenes

Missing Scenes

The following list details scenes which were removed from the Visionaries episode Ep 7: The Overthrow of Merklynn but appear within the original episode scripts.

  1. There were some chants which were originally going to feature in scenes which were dropped they were Res-Hedius-Mundis which showed them the most hideous thing on Prysmos as well as Res-Pulkis-Mundis, which showed then the most beautiful thing in Prysmos
  2. The scene in which the wizards are playing cards was originally longer. They discussed Weezaweena's cheating, along with Fulkama's bluff and Merklynn gets them all to agree to never let a non-wizard gain their powers. It's also interesting to see that the scripts show the names of three wizards, Weezaweena, Fulkama and Bogavas.

Altered Scenes

Below you will find a list of all of the scenes within the episode Ep 7: The Overthrow of Merklynn which were changed from the original planned scenes within Flint Dille's script.


  1. During the distant camera angle shots of the Spectral Knights in the scene set in the Wizards Gaol , Cryotek's helmet is sometimes red rather than blue
  2. In one of the far distance shots of the Darkling Lords, in the jail, Virulina has her helmet on, yet in all other scenes she does not.
  3. When the Darkling Lords are fleeing from The Innundation, both Cindarr and Lexor's power staffs are charged, even though they had spent their powers

Featured Characters

  1. Darkstorm
  2. Mortdredd
  3. Falkama
  4. Cindarr
  5. Cravex
  6. Reekon
  7. Virulina
  8. Smalllog
  9. Lexor
  10. Leoric
  11. Arzon
  12. Cryotek
  13. Ectar
  14. Feryl
  15. Galadria
  16. Botanical Society
  17. Merklynn
  18. Unknown Wizards
  19. Bogavas
  20. Fairy
  21. Rat-Dragon
  22. Weazaskweaza


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- Named only or dropped.
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