Published By: Marvel Comics, presented by Star Comics
Released: July 1988
Cost: $1.50 US / $2.00 CAD / £0.40 UK

Written By: Gerry Conway
Pencils: Mark Bagley
Inks: Dave Simons
Letters: Janice Chiang
Colours: Julianna Ferriter
Editor: Bob Budiansky
Editor-In-Chief: Tom DeFalco

Episode Summary

Merklynn summons the Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords to Iron Mountain where he asks them to quest for the Four Talismans, jewels created in the First Age of Magic by the most powerful wizard of that time, Elvar The Wise and infused with the power of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Leoric instantly agrees to help, whist Darkstorm plots to take the power for himself. During the talks Galadria and Virulina request powers to equal those of the male knights, and Merklynn agrees. Galadria is given the power of healing whilst Virulina is granted the power of sickness.
As Merklynn disappears Leoric offers his hand to Darkstorm to work together to complete the task. Darkstorm suns his offer telling him that he must be stupid to overlook the opportunity to gain power, they are at war. Darkstorm’s lack of team work infuriates Cryotek, who is finding that primal instincts from his bear form are slowly changing his personality. It is at this moment that Merklynn reveals to the reader the true purpose of the mission, to save his life.

Three days later Cryotek and Galadria have moved north into the Unknown Territories, following a spirit guide. Galadria has decided that the spirit guide is female, whilst Cryotek refers to it purely as a ball of light. Conversely, Cravex and Reekon are following a magical flying creature (their spirit guide). Reekon refers to the creature as he, whereas Cravex refers to it as a mindless flying lizard. Later that evening the Darkling Lords discover the campsite of Cravex and Galadria and attack using the Dagger Assault. During the attack they are ambushed with picks and spears by Trakk and his machine hating villagers. Cravex uses his staff of fear on the villagers, but gets Reekon in the process. Struck down by fear the Darkling Lord turns the Dagger Assault around and flees.

At this point Trakk introduces himself to Cryotek and Galadria, united in their attack on the machinists (Reekon and Cravex). Trakk explains how his village are farmers, with a link to the land thanks to the God Tree. Trakk takes them to see the God Tree and the Spectral Knights discover the Tailman of Earth embedded in the tree, blessing the land with unrivalled fertility and bountiful harvest.
Galadria question how they know the tree is a god, and asks what they would say if they learned that they were after the jewl. Trakk is outraged and goes to attack before Cryotek defuses the situation reminding him of their common foe, the two Darkling Lords.
Later that evening Trakk takes Cryotek and Galadria to the God Tree where they find Reekon and Cravex. The two Darkling Lords have planted the seeds of mistrust in Trakk claiming the Spectral Knights are renegade knights looking to steal their jewel. As Trakk questions the Spectral Knights Cravex uses his fear power again. Cravex turns into his bear form to overcome fear but is attacked by the villagers as a monster. As the fear spell wears off Galadria spots the Darkling Lords stealing the black jewel. Galdria is knocked unconscious and the Darkling Lords flee, setting fire to the god tree. Cryotek, in bear form, struggles with the animals personality and attacks the villagers before his attention is moved to Galadria (thanks to the spirit guide). Summoning the Archer he is able to save her. In the aftermath of the fight Trakk questions Galadria after she offers he pity for the destruction of the god tree. Galadria then educates Trakk in sharing and uses her powers of Healing to heal his villagers, now scarred from the fight, despite being weakened herself. The power not only heals the villagers but also the tree, before fainting into Cryotek’s arms. Trakk thanks Galadria but explains he worries for his people now the God Tree has gone. Galadria explains that being special is a curse when it sets you apart from everyone else. Now Trakk and his villagers are the same as everyone else, so they must learn to help each other, then they will not only survive but thrive.

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to this issue? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. We learn of Elvar the Wise, a powerful wizard from the first Age of Magic.
  2. We discover that there is something wrong with Merklynn
  3. We learn that Cryotek has been finding that his bears personality has been taking over
  4. We find that Cryotek can't cook
  5. Galadria's magical spell is revealed as "By warmth of heart, your pain I feel. Grant me the power, your wounds to heal"
  6. Virulina's magic spell is revealed as "Winds of sickness, illness most vile. Strike down my enemy, with disease revile"
  7. We learn that Virulina's sickness is fatal and will kill within an hour
  8. We discover that there is a cure to Virulina's power, some flowers in a vale near Avitrix
  9. It is revealed that this is the last Visionaries comic and that the decision to cancel the series was made close to publications. As the story was a four part arc, and only two issues were published, it is highly likely that somewhere there are the two unpublished scripts - potentially also drawn


Mistakes happen within the comic industry, here is a list of this issues mistakes.

  1. On page 10 Cravex's staff is silver when it should be gold
  2. On page 21 Cryotek's hekmet is red in the first panel where is should be blue
  3. On page 22 when Galadria heals the Trakk's people she has her helmet on, however in the last panel of the previous page and in the first panel she appears in after (page 24) , she does not have her helmet on

Featured Characters

  1. Cryotek
  2. Leoric
  3. Arzon
  4. Galadria
  5. Merklynn
  6. Darkstorm
  7. Cindarr
  8. Reekon
  9. Feryl
  10. Cravex
  11. Virulina
  12. Dagger Assault
  13. Trakk
  14. Unknown Knights
  15. Elvar the Wise
  16. Petros


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