Character Information

Animal Totem Lion
Cartoon Profile Leoric forms an emotional relationship during the series with Fletchin, a farmer from outside New Valarak. Leoric is a prince and the leader of the Spectral Knights. He is well liked, well respected, kind and caring.
Colour Blue and Green, pale skin, brown hair
Comic Profile Leoric is the leader of the Spectral Knights, a leader who feels the pain of his people. He realises that the Second Age of Magic is both a curse and a blessing, wiping out civilisation as they knew it, but also giving everyone a second chance .. On an even playing field. At first he, like Arzon, wished for the Age of Science to return, but unlike Arzon he started having doubts that returning to that age would be benefitial to the people of Prysmos
From New Valarak
Magical Item Staff
Magical Rhyme Whispered secrets of a shattered age I summon you, renew this sage!
Magical Totem Owl
Occupation Leader of the Spectral Knights
Offical Pantones PMS156, PMS312, PMS330, PMS395, PMS877
Power Wisdom
Toy Profile (English) Leoric... a brave and regal Spectral Knight, chosen to rebuild the medieval-like soceity of New Valarak!
Mystical Personallity... the LION, a creature symbolizing Leoric's noble birth and courageous leadership abilites.
Magical Totem... Leoric calls upon the special power of WISDOM to solves Merklyn's magical puzzles and thawt the evil Darkling Lords!
Toy Profile (French Canadian) Sagesse Secrets chuchotés d'une ère bouleversée, aidez-moi à revivifierr ce sage!
Leoric... um Chevalier fantóme brfave et remarquable choisi pour rebâtir la société isomédiévale de Nouveau Valarak!
Personnalité Mystique... le LION, créature symbolisant les racines nobles de Leoric et son aptitude de meneur courageux!
Totem Magique... Leoric fait appel â son pouvoir spécial, la SAGESSE, pour résoudre les énigmes magiques de Merklyn et contrecarrer les maléfiques Lords des Ténèbres!
Voice Actor Neil Ross
Voice Actor (French) Serge Lhorca (1st), Serge Bourrier (2nd), Roger Carel (ep 3 and 5)
Weapon Magical Bull Whip

Profile Card

Magical Rhyme: "Whispered secrets of a shattered ages, I summon you renew this sage!"

Faction: Spectral Knights
Series: Series 1
Released: 1987
Totem: Lion
Magical Power: Wisdom
Magical Totem: Owl of Wisdom
Magical Device: Power Staff
Hand-To-Hand Weapon: Magical Bull Whip
Primary Colour: Light Blue
Secondary Colour: Dark Green

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