Character Information

Animal Totem Eagle
Cartoon Profile Arzon is a prince, although this is not shown within the final production of the cartoon series. His father is King Tazlon, though no information is given on the location of his kingdom. Arzon is an honourable man, and alongside Ectar account for Leoric's main "go-to guys".
Colour Blue and purple with pale skin and brown hair
Comic Profile Arzon never wanted a fight with the Darkling Lords, he just wanted to rebuild society and help those ravished by the start of the Second Age of Magic. In the comics the Staff of Knowledge does not contain the bearer of knowledge but passes its knowledge directly to Arzon's mind
From Regalia
Magical Item Staff
Magical Rhyme A whim, a though, and more is sought, awake, my mind, thy will be wrought!
Magical Totem Bearer of Knowledge
Occupation Prince
Offical Pantones PMS156, PMS267, PMS299, PMS395, PMS877
Power Knowledge
Toy Profile (English) Arzon is a daring, young knight whose soaring ideals and heroism help carry on the struggle against the Darkling Lords.
PERSONALITY... represented by the eagle, Arzon's bold defence against the Darking Lords is highly effective.
MAGICAL POWERS... Arzon summonds his magical power of knowledge to devise brilliant tactical battle plans to repel the enemies sorcery.
Toy Profile (French Canadian) Arzon ... un jeune chevalier courageux don’t les idéaux sans bornes et l’héroisme soutiennent la bataille contre les Lords des Ténèbres!
Personnalité Mystique … repésenté par l’aiglw la défense audacieuse d’Arzon contre les Lords des Ténèbres est hautement efficace!
Totem Magique … Arzon fait appel a son pouvoir magique, la connaissance, pour metre au point des tactiques de combat brillantes pour repousser la sorcellerie de l’ennemi!
Voice Actor Hal Rayle
Voice Actor (French) Serge Lhorca (1st), Serge Bourrier (2nd), Roger Carel (ep 3 and 5)
Weapon 4 Pointed Dagger

Profile Card

Magical Rhyme: "A whim, a thought, and more is sought, awake my mind, thy will be wrought!"

ARZON... a daring, young knight whose soaring ideals and heroism help carry on the struggle against the Darkling Lords!

Mystical Personality... represented by the EAGLE, Arzon's bold defense against the Darkling Lords is highly effective!

Magical Totem... Arzon summons the magical power of KNOWLEDGE to devise tactical battle plans to repel the enemies' sorcery!

Faction: Spectral Knights
Series: Series 1
Released: 1987
Totem: Eagle
Magical Power: Knowledge
Magical Totem: Bearer of Knowledge
Magical Device: Power Staff
Hand-To-Hand Weapon: 4 Pointed Dagger
Primary Colour: Light Blue
Secondary Colour: Dark Blue

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