Character Information

Animal Totem Shark
Cartoon Profile Virulina is a scheming, evil Darkling Lord who gets kicked out and later rejoins the group. As the only Darkling Lord without magical powers, her position is low down the Darkling Lords pecking order. She is a master of desguise and the arch-nemesis of Galadria
Colour Purple and Black, pale skin, Black hair
Comic Profile Virulina is a scheming Darkling Lord who would like to gain power for herself. She is the obeject of the eye of Lexor but has no feelings for him. Virulina hates flowers and loves inflicting pain and misery on her adversaries.
From Unknown
Magical Item Shield
Magical Rhyme Winds of sickness, illness most vile, Strike down my enemy, with disease revile!
Magical Totem Plague Hands
Occupation Darkling Lord
Power Poison
Toy Profile (English) No toy of Virulina was ever released
Toy Profile (French Canadian) No toy of Virulina was released
Voice Actor Jennifer Darling
Voice Actor (French) tbc
Weapon Dual Bladed Sythe (Cartoon), Bow Staff (Comic)