Darkling Lords' Headquarters

Posted on September 20th 2015 by David Mapes

Darkstorm's Castle

Darkling Lords' Headquaters

In the Visionaries cartoon and comic book series, Darkstorm's castle is the Darkling Lords' headquarters in an un-named area of Prysmos. The castle design had similarities to the Mollusk, the animal totem of Darkstorm (leader of the Darkling Lords). Whilst vehicles were produced for Season 1, with more planned for Season 2, only one playset base made it through from the design phase into production, the Holodrome Playset, yet even that was did not see a public release. This was not the only playset that was designed for the Visionaries line. The Darkling Lords' were also going to get a “home”.

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Visionaries The Game

Posted on May 11th 2015 by David Mapes

Milton Bradley Board Games

Visionaries: The Game

Planned for release by Milton Bradley in Year 2 of Visionaries, Visionaries: The Game was a 2 dimensional board game where the premise of the game was to move your Visionaries characters around Prysmos in order to reach the Magical Light. The tagline to the Visionaries series is Knights of the Magical Light, and although the light is mentioned once in the cartoon series, the Magical Light is never mentioned in name (it is merely assumed that this light is the magical power which Merklynn bestows on the successful knights). In Visionaries: The Game the magical light was actually going to appear as some sort of crystal or light source and the end of the game, we assume indicating that your Knight then gains their power (or some other sort of power). The image below shows an early concept of the Magical Light at the end of the game. Interestingly the image below shows a trap, activated by your hand, pushing the knight away.

The Magical Light was to make an appearance in Visionaries: The Game

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Visionaries Toy Adverts

Posted on January 4th 2015 by Steven Mapes

Visionaries Toy TV Spot Example

Much like other Hasbro Inc brand of the 1980s the Visionaries action figures had a series of TV Adverts, or TV Spots, created to promote the toyline. The spots were produced by global advertising agency Griffin-Bacal who were as subsidiary of Sunbow Productions until they merged with Moss Dragoti in 2001.

Griffin-Bacal Advertising

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