Character Information

Animal Totem Armadillo
Cartoon Profile In the cartoon series Lexor is portrayed as both a coward and a lier, doing anything to avoid confrontation or a fight. He is one of the more comical characters, and appears to be one of, if not the youngest, Darkling Lord.
Colour Red and Blue, brown hair with pale skin
Comic Profile Lexor is first seen covered in sticky goo and begs for first Cravex, and later Darkstorm, to free him. His cowardness and focus on self preservation is shortly revealed when he hides from battle rather than helping the other Darkling Lords. Lexor has a crush on Virulina (as see in issue three), something that is not reciprecated.
From Unknown
Magical Item Staff
Magical Rhyme The arrows turn, the swords rebel, may nothing pierce this mortal shell!
Magical Totem Face of Invulnerability
Occupation Darkling Lord
Official Pantones PMS156, PMS289, PMS395, PMS485, PMS874
Power Invulnerability
Toy Profile (English) Lexor is a foe of good, he prides himself on his talent to create havoc - wreaking terror whereever he goes.
Mystical Personality ... the armabillo symbolises Lexor's indomitable fortitude to withstand attack.
Magical Totem ... Lexor summons his power of invulnerability to keep him unscarred during hand-to-hand combat with the Spectral Knights.
Toy Profile (French Canadian) LEXOR … un ennemi du bien, fier de son habileté á causer des ravages, semant la terreur partout oú il va!
PERSONNALITÉ MYSTIQUE… Le TATOU symbolise le don indiscutable de Lexor de penser et d'attaquer rapidement.
TOTEM MAGIQUE… Lexor fait á son pouvoir d'INVULNÉRABILITÉ pour intact d'un combat corps á corps avec les Chevaliers
Voice Actor Michael McConnohie
Voice Actor (French) Luc Florian (1st), Bernard Tiphaine (2nd)
Weapon Double Pointed Hook

Profile Card

Magical Rhyme: "The arrows turn, the swords rebel, may nothing pierce this mortal shell!"

Faction: Darkling Lords
Series: Series 1
Released: 1987
Totem: Armordillo
Magical Power: Invulnerability
Magical Totem: Face of Protection
Magical Device: Power Staff
Hand-To-Hand Weapon: Double Pointed Hook
Primary Colour: Dark Blue
Secondary Colour: Red

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