Visionaries Toy Adverts

Posted on January 4th 2015 by Steven Mapes

Visionaries Toy TV Spot Example

Much like other Hasbro Inc brand of the 1980s the Visionaries action figures had a series of TV Adverts, or TV Spots, created to promote the toyline. The spots were produced by global advertising agency Griffin-Bacal who were as subsidiary of Sunbow Productions until they merged with Moss Dragoti in 2001.

Griffin-Bacal Advertising

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Visionaries Reborn

Posted on December 28th 2014 by Steven Mapes

Visionaries Reborn - The Concept

Visionaries Reborn, what is it?

Visionaries Reborn is the name of the pitch that was created by Abrams Gentile Entertainment Incorporated around 2009 - 2010 and sent out various companies as they looked to relaunch the Visionaries brand.

The Pitch

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