Character Information

Animal Totem Cheetah
Cartoon Profile Witterquick, like Arzon, is a prince of Prysmos whose kingdom is not mentioned during the show. He is a naturally gifted athlete, with great speed and balance. Witterquick is slightly more impetuous than Arzon (as seen in the episode Horn of Unicorn, Claw of Dragon).
Colour Red and pink, bale skin, blonde hair
Comic Profile Witterquick was the first, and only, knight to question why Merklynn gave them magical totems when they were are said to be uncontrollable.
From Unknown
Magical Item Staff
Magical Rhyme Sheathe these feet in the driving gale, make swift these legs o'er land I sail!!
Magical Totem Face of Speed
Occupation Prince
Offical Pantones PMS032, PMS156, PMS395, PMS436, PMS877
Power Lightspeed
Toy Profile (English) Witterquick ... a valiant champion of justice with an over-anxious zeal to defeat the Darkling Lords!
Mystical Personality ... a CHEETAH, representing his fast-acting ability to anticipate on-coming Darking Lord attacks!
Magical Totem ... Calling upon his power of LIGHT SPEED, Witterquick dodges enemy bombardment faster than lightning through the sky!
Toy Profile (French Canadian) Witterquick ... un vaillant champion de la justice avec un zele surabondant pour vaincre les Lords de Tenebres!
Personaality Mystique ... en Guepard, representant ses reflexes eclairs en prevoyance d'attaques latentes des Lords des Tenebres!
Totem Magique ... faisant appel a son pouvoir, la vitesse lumiere, Witterquick esquive les bombardements de l'ennemi plus vite qu'un eclair dechirant le ciel!
Voice Actor Jim Cummings
Voice Actor (French) Eric Legrand
Weapon Supersonic Boomerrang

Profile Card

Magical Rhyme: "Sheathe these feet in the driving gale, make swift these legs o'er land I sail!!"

Faction: Spectral Knights
Series: Series 1
Released: 1987
Totem: Cheetah
Magical Power: Lightspeed
Magical Totem: Face of Speed
Magical Device: Power Staff
Hand-To-Hand Weapon: Supersonic Boomerrang
Primary Colour: Red
Secondary Colour: Grey

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