Character Information

Animal Totem Fox
Cartoon Profile Ectar was a former lawman and was one of the three original Spectral Knights, alongside Leoric and Feryl.
Colour White and blue, pale skin with blonde hair
Comic Profile Ectar was bullied as a child, but managed to overcome it by going after them first. This tactic has stayed with him and he feels the best defense is a good offense. He was also responsible for naming the Darkilng Lords
From Valarak
Magical Item Lancer Cycle
Magical Rhyme Shield this craft from one and all! Reflect, deflect, depose and fall!
Magical Totem Lightning bolt thrown by a pair of hands
Occupation Spectral Knight
Power Protection
Toy Profile (Dutch) Energiessymbolen van het Voertuig ... Lancer Cycle bezit magische handen, die de Spectral Knights beschermen met een krachtig energieveld, dat de bestuurder voorziet van extra strijdkracht
Toy Profile (English) Ectar is a bold yet cunning young knight who is relentless in battle. The only member of the Spectral Knights able to drive the Lancer Cycle and propel its magical powers to full force.
PERSONALITY... represented by the sly and swift fox. Ectar can out-smart any Darkling Lord anywhere at anytime!
MAGIC POWERS... The Lancer Cycle is equipped with magical power hands creating an energised force field for protecting Ectar while pulsating him with added battle strength!
Toy Profile (French Canadian)
Toy Profile (French) Symbole D'Energie du Vehicule Cycle Lancier possede une force exceptionnelle grace a ses mains aux pouvoirs magiques capables de proteger et d'entourer les Chevaliers Fantomes d'un champ energetique et magnetique
Toy Profile (German) Magische Eigenshaft ... Ectar's Flug-Lanze ist mit magischen Kraftarmen ausgestattet. Sie ist in der Lage enegiegefullte Kraftefelder zu schaffen, die Ectar beschutzen und ihm damit zusatzliche magische Krafte verleihen.
Toy Profile (Italian) Energia Veicolare ... Il Ciclo Lanciere possiede delle mani olografiche dotate di potensa magica per proteggere i Cavalieri Misteriosi con un campo di forza che conferisce loro dell'energia supplementare per il combattimento.
Voice Actor Michael McConnohie
Voice Actor (French) Eric Legrand
Weapon Claw

Profile Card

Magical Rhyme: "Shield this craft from one and all. Reflect, deflect, depose and fall!" - this spell was never actually used in either the cartoon or the comic."

Faction: Spectral Knights
Series: Series 1
Released: 1987
Totem: Fox
Magical Power: Protection
Magical Totem:
Magical Device: Lancer Chariot
Hand-To-Hand Weapon: Claw
Primary Colour: White
Secondary Colour: Dark Blue

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