Character Information

Animal Totem Lizard
Cartoon Profile Reekon is a mercenary and thief, working for Darkstorm only because he pays him. Before the great cataclysm Reekon was caught by Ectar, and the pair hold a mutal respect for one-another. Reekon is treacherous and would probably sell his own family for money.
Colour Brown and yellow, pale skin, brown hair
Comic Profile Reekon is, at first, indifferent about receiving magical powers. This changes however when many of the other knights are given magical power staffs. This continues to anoying Reekon who places power above all else. This is only escalated when Harklon tells him that he only has one vehicle ready, the Sky Claw which is given to Mortdredd. In the end of cause Reekon gains the Dagger Assault, the most powerful vehicle on Prysmos
From Unknown
Magical Item Dagger Assault and Dagger Dart
Magical Rhyme Flay the flesh, lay bare the bone. Upon this field, let grief be sown!
Magical Totem Skeleton
Occupation Mercenary
Official Pantones Unknown
Power Magic Extractor
Toy Profile (English) Reekon: "Take heed my illustrious warrior, for the winds of war are howling throughout Prysmos! Merklyn, holder of the keys to the Age of Magic, has made me the ultimate commander of the invincible Darkling Lord Dagger Assault! The Spectral Knights will be crushed by Dagger Assault's devastating firepower, and all of Prysmos will be ruled by its true masters ... the Darkling Lords!".

Reekon, the fully pose-able Dagger Assault driver, possesses the personality of a Lizard. This enables him to creep his way past Spectral Knights guards to bury heat-detonating land mines within the enemies' base camp!
Toy Profile (French Canadian) No profile featured on the box
Voice Actor Rosco Lee Brown
Voice Actor (French) tbc
Weapon Edge Ribbed Sword

Profile Card

Magical Rhyme: "Flay the flesh, lay bare the bone. Upon this field, let grief be sown!"

Faction: Darkling Lords
Series: Series 1
Released: 1987
Totem: Lizard
Magical Power: Magic Extractor
Magical Totem: Skeleton
Magical Device: Dagger Assault
Hand-To-Hand Weapon: Edge Ribbed Sword
Primary Colour: Dark Brown
Secondary Colour: Yellow

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