Tagline: The Final Flight of Arzon
Published By: Marvel Comics, presented by Star Comics
Released: September 1988
Cost: $1.50 US / $2.00 CAD / £0.40 UK

Written By: Gerry Conway
Pencils: Mark Bagley
Inks: Romeo Tanghal
Letters: Janice Chiang
Colours: Julianna Ferriter
Editor: Bob Budiansky

Episode Summary

In the mountains of North Regalia the Capture Chariot carrying Feryl and Arzon go in search for the second Talisman before they are ambushed by Cindarr and Virulina. During the fight Arzon spots his spirit guide flying after what appears to be a strange bird. He follows and is in turn followed by the Darkling Lords spirit guide. Without warning Arzon is captured in a net and taken to the mysterious Lord Ayrie

Back at Iron Mountain the fate of Merklynn becomes clear. Without the four Talismans the ancient wizard is becoming weak, so weak that he starts to fade out of existence. It’s only by using all his power that he can keep his physical form. Back in the mountains Arzon is introduced to Icara, leader of the High Flyers, a group of Prysmoslians who live in a city in the mountains, using wings to glide in the thermals. Icara explains how they are chosen, and superior to those living on the ground and that their flight is powered by the Crystal of Light, which his actual the Talisman of Air. Arzon warns Icara that the Darkling Lords are looking to steal the crystal, due to its power. She mocks him and flies off, confident that they have nothing to worry about.
Back with the Darkling Lords, their spirit guide relays back the location of the Talisman. At that point Virulina suggests they keep the power, rather than giving it to Darkstorm. Cindarr is outraged and strikes the female Darkling Lord only to have Virulina use her new power of Sickness on him. She in turn heals him, explaining had she not the infection would turn fatal within the hour.

We jump again to the High Flyers of Avitrix who are now, for some reason, struggling to fly. As Icara lands Arzon notes boils on her, her people have some infection. Arzon convinces Icara to let him speak to the Bearer of Knowledge to discover what is happening, but whilst in eagle form he too realises that it is becoming harder to think when in animal form. Reunited with his staff Arzon discovers that Virulina is behind the infection. As the Darkling Lords make their way up the mountain Feryl arrives with the Capture Chariot to intercept them. He dispatches with Cindarr before Virulina strikes him down with her sickness power.
In the meantime Arzon and Icara make their way to a field of healing blossoms, the only thing which will cure the illness. Although close to death Icara fights for life and takes to the skies carrying the flowers with her. They arrive back at Avitrix and scatter the blooms, healing her people. As a thank you to Arzon for saving her life, Icara hands over the talisman to Arzon.

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to this issue? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. This is the first, and only, issue in which Virulina uses her power (and she does so twice)
  2. We discover that Prysmos has 7 moons in this issue


Mistakes happen within the comic industry, here is a list of this issues mistakes.

  1. On page 16 Arzon does not have his helmet in teh first two panels, however after changing back from his eagle form it appears .. as if by magic

Featured Characters

  1. Arzon
  2. Feryl
  3. Capture Chariot
  4. Cindarr
  5. Virulina
  6. Lord Icara Ayrie
  7. Merklynn
  8. Harkon
  9. High-Flyers of Avitrix
  10. High-Flyers of Avitrix


- Introduced.
- Named only or dropped.
- Vehicle.
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