Published By: IDW Publishing
Released: March 2018
Cost: $3.99

Written By: Magdalene Visaggio
Pencils: Fico Ossio
Letters: Shawn Lee
Colours: David Garcia Cruz
Editor: Sarah Gaydos
Editor-In-Chief: David Mariotte

Episode Summary

After the events of last issue, where Arzon, Witterquick and Mortdred were captured by Virulina, this issue starts with Wheeljack and Breakdown fitting a bomb into Quickswitch. The bomb carriers the inoculation which Wheeljack plans on detonating at the core of Cybertron to make the Cybertronians immune to the rust caused by the Visionaries magic.

Over with the Darkling Lords we get out first real look at Reekon, as he's torturing Witterquick and Mortdred. Cryotek turns up to take over from Reekon, although rather than torturing his former colleague, Witterquick, he wanted to try to convince him to join the Darkling Lords.

The scene jumps to the top of a tower where Merklynn explains the history of the beliefs of the Visionaries. Their religion is based on a primal consciousness called Heskedor (we'll cover that later), who is said to have created the universe by using her own body. Her heart was converted into the Arcana Vast, the power source of the Visionaries magic.

There is an interested scene where the Dagger Assault and the Sky Claw are shown, which is a nice touch. There actually look really close to some of the original stock images of these vehicles.

Merklynn explains to Arzon why he has acted as he has. That the Prysmosians abandoned their faith when they changed from their mystical heritage to using vehicles. He saw this as a degradation of their society. At first Arzon does not believe Merklynn's stories of their culture abandoning magic, but Merklynn continues to explain what happened and why he has partnered with Virulina. He explains that Virulina is just a stop gap for him, to unite the Prysmosians against the Transformers to restore Prysmos, after which he wants Arzon to take control and lead the Prysmosians.

Back with Virulina, she tests Cryotek's allegiance by attacking him, hoping to see the killer instinct which she is after. Cryotel's mace is now more of a club design than then flail design from the 80s.

The scene jumps again back to Leoric and the Autobots as we find out that the Totem Shields on the Visionaries chests are also used as communication devices. Cryotek gets in contact with Leoric and apologises for his actions. He also informs Leoric of Virulina's plans to kill Witterquick and Mortdred.

Leoric leaves to battle Virulina and save his friends, leaving Galadria to travel with Ectar, Ironhide, Wheeljack and Quickswitch to active the bomb.
As Quickswitch drills to the centre of the planet he encounters Talismatic powers. He drills through, sacrificing himself on the way, but allowing Ironhide, Wheeljack and Galadria to place the bomb.

As Wheeljack goes to activate the bomb Arzon turns up with Cravex and Lexor (all in battle armour). Arzon has joined the Darkling Lords, he captures Ectar and the issue ends as he destroys the bomb.

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to this issue? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. Merklynn talks about Heskedor, the creator of the universe. In the original 80s cartoon Heskedor was a witch who lived on an island 24 miles (38 kilometers) off the coast of Cape Fear.
  2. The Totem Sheids on the Visionaries armour can be used as communication devices
  3. Reekon has long grey hair, indicating that he is one of the older Darkling Lords
  4. Merklynn confirms that the time between the cataclysm and the current times is far greater than in the original cartoon. This is confimred by Arzon not believing that there was a lot of technology on Prysmos
  5. In the Flashback we see that Darkstorm still has his original staff
  6. There are large pictures featuring the totems of the Spider of Fear and the Invulnerability power
  7. Cryotek's mace is more like a club than the flail he had in the 80s
  8. When Arzon has changed side he swaps his blue colours for red


Mistakes happen within the comic industry, here is a list of this issues mistakes.

  1. On page 13 Virulina is missing her totem

Featured Characters

  1. Leoric
  2. Reekon
  3. Mortdredd
  4. Witterquick
  5. Cryotek
  6. Virulina
  7. Merklynn
  8. Arzon
  9. Darkstorm
  10. Ectar
  11. Galadria
  12. Cravex
  13. Lexor
  14. Heskedor
  15. Dagger Assault
  16. Sky Claw


- Introduced.
- Named only or dropped.
- Vehicle.
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