Tagline: By Demon Destroyed!
Published By: Marvel Comics, presented by Star Comics
Released: March 1988
Cost: $1.50 US / $2.00 CAD / £0.40 UK

Written By: Gerry Conway
Pencils: Mark Bagley
Inks: Romeo Tanghal
Letters: Janice Chiang
Colours: Julianna Ferriter
Editor: Bob Budiansky
Editor-In-Chief: Tom DeFalco

Episode Summary

Harkon is seen fleeing the Dagger Assault he has built for the Darkling Lords; only the arrival of the repaired Sky Claw now piloted by Arzon saves the blacksmith from being recaptured. Mordredd loses control of the jet pod and crashes into the main body of the Dagger Assault. An enraged Reekon attack his supposed comrade for fouling up the operation and damaging the vehicles. As Arzon helps the fatigued Harkon to the Sky Claw some starving children ask him for food but there is nothing he can do.

Back in his castle Darkstorm warns Mordredd that the only thing keeping him alive is his usefulness to pilot the Sky Claw once it is recaptured. He orders both Reekon and Mordredd to make up for their failure.

In New Valarak Harkon has yet to come around and is being watched in bed, muttering about the end of magic and return of science. Arzon remarks what a great step the return of science would be but is corrected by Leoric that whilst he too shares his concerns for those in need the Age of Magic has given people new hope and a fresh start. Arzon hands Leoric the map that Harkon was clutching when rescued, all the time spied upon by Reekon and Mordredd in their totem forms. They leave to take the map to New Valarak’s map room for reference. On their way out Reekon and Mordredd steal the Sky Claw and intend to report back to Darkstorm about the map. Leoric sends the Knights to the location to arrive before the Darkling Lords whilst he and Arzon visit Iron Mountain.

When there Merklynn humorously tells them if they want answers about the map they should have used Arzon’s staff of knowledge. The staff reveals everything to Arzon, a story of 10,000 years ago in the early days of Science. A meteor crashed near the settlement of Gravestone Bay, investigated by the military and Tech-Colonel Fiesel they discovered the elements of the meteor that functioned much like an EMP and reversed the effects and laws of science, something Fiesel called the Reversal Effect. He persuaded his superior to let him build a bomb to use against any would be hostile nations. Not long after the Government fell into a coup and the Doomsday Weapon was long forgotten, the new Government destroying all records of it save this map.

Arzon asks Merklynn if it is possible the meteor can reverse the Age of Magic and restore the Age of Science but his question and argument are ignored, the wizard returning them to their fellow Knights with teleportation.

Soon the Knights reach Meteor Peak by horseback, Feryl transforming to fox form to lead them through the barrier of thorns. Leoric uses his staff of wisdom to find the cap stone for the meteor case in the overgrown vegetation formed about it over the thousands of years, Cryotek using his staff to grant him extra strength to remove it. They open the silo like hangar and find the huge bomb but before they can do anything else the Sky Claw attacks. Fleeing the effects of Cravex’s staff, Ectar and Feryl stagger into two vehicles in the hangar both of which come to life at their touch. Fearing the Spectral Knight’s new vehicles Darkstorm uses his staff of decay but hits a strut holding the Doomsday Weapon. Galadria throws herself in front of the beam to stop the strut being entirely destroyed. Cryotek comes to her aid and finds her alive but very near death. Enraged he hurls himself at Darkstorm but is cut off as Lexor’s staff of invulnerability is used on himself to act as a blocker for Darkstorm. Cindarr prepares to finish the Knights with his staff but is struck by Ectar in the Lancer Cycle.

Meanwhile Arzon has found the bomb activation switch and is prepared to throw it when Leoric talks him down. He says that they could end pain but pain is a part of life, would you deny a child life to save the mother pain. Arzon sadly agrees, respecting Leoric’s wisdom over his own knowledge. Arzon leaves the decision to Leoric who tells Feryl to use his vehicle to destroy the support strut. The Sky Claw tries to cut Feryl off but he hears Merklynn’s voice telling him to turn and face the Darkling Lords. His trust in the wizard is rewarded as one of the symbols on the vehicle comes to life, a hand unleashing a fireball that strikes the Sky Claw. The machine spirals out of control into the bomb and collapses the already weakened strut. With only minutes to get out before the hangar collapses all the Knights flee, Darkstorm cursing Mortdredd and Virulina as they leave.

Leoric and Darkstorm argue outside, Darkstorm declaring Leoric weak for not wanting top use the bomb. Leoric says he would have used it to heal and Darkstorm to rule, both would have justified their use of the device but on that scale concepts of right and wrong no longer matter. Darkstorm warns Leoric his weak attitude will destroy him and takes his leave.

The issue ends with an emotional image of Arzon and Leoric watching a mushroom cloud like explosion where the hangar has collapsed, Arzon admitting Leoric was wise to destroy the bomb that whatever their motive of origin some weapons are too powerful to ever be used.

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to this issue? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. We discover that Harklon the Blacksmith also built the Dagger Assault
  2. According to this issue Arzon can fly the Sky Claw
  3. Harklon originall had the scroll which told of the location of the doomsday bomb hidden inside Meteor Peak
  4. We discover that Virulina hates flowers
  5. New Valarak is on a continent which is the same shape as North America
  6. The human race on Prysmos has been there for a long time. A meteor crashed 10,000 years prior to current events in the Age of Science
  7. In the comics the Capture Chariot and the Lancer Cycle were from the time of the Age of Science, 10,000 years prior


Mistakes happen within the comic industry, here is a list of this issues mistakes.

  1. On page 3 Arzon has a blue face
  2. Arzon is seen flying the Sky Claw. According to rules set up in the cartoon series this would not be possible
  3. On page 6, 7, 8 Lerioc is shown with blonde hair
  4. On page 14 Lerioc is green
  5. On page 17 Darkstorm is yellow
  6. On page 22 Arzon's face was not coloured
  7. On page 16 Feryl turns in to a fox, where as his magical totem is that of the wolf

Featured Characters

  1. Dagger Assault
  2. Harkon
  3. Reekon
  4. Mortdredd
  5. Arzon
  6. Unnamed Villagers
  7. Darkstorm
  8. Virulina
  9. Lexor
  10. Leoric
  11. Witterquick
  12. Galadria
  13. Cryotek
  14. Merklynn
  15. Ectar
  16. Feryl
  17. Capture Chariot
  18. Lancer Cycle
  19. Cravex
  20. Cindarr
  21. Tech-Colonel Ragni Fiesel


- Introduced.
- Named only or dropped.
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