Published By: Marvel Books - A Big Looker Storybook
Released: January 1987

Written By: Blanche Mednick
Pencils: Earl Norem
Inks: Earl Norem
Colours: Earl Norem

Episode Summary

The story starts with Galadria stumbling across the legendary Mysitcal Mirror, an ancient magical artifact from the First Age of Magic. There is no explanation as to where Galadria is, or why she is there, but he instantly recognises the mirror. The Mirros's power is to speak alound the thoughts of the person holdingn it.
As she decides to take the mirror back to New Valarak she is attacked by Mortredd in the Sky Claw. Mortdredd recognises the mirror and decides it would be a fantastic trophy for Darkstorm, and earn him some favours. As Arzon turns up (in eagle form) to help Galadria, Mortdredd unleashes the power of the Skyclaw and captures Galadria.

Arzon confers with the Bearer of Knowledge to discover where, and why, Galadria has been taken whilst the Darkling Lords squabble over what they all the mirror of lies - as it uncovers Mortdredd and Reekon's hidden desire to lead the Darkling Lords.
As Darkstorm heads to his cell to speak to Galadria, Arzon swoops in grabbing the female Spectral Knight and the Mysitcal Mirror and flees the castle. As the Darkling Lords chase after them Ectar arrives in the Lancer Cycle to help his fellow knights escape

When Galadria, Arzon and Ectar return backo New Valarak they hand the mirror over to Leoric. Inside is a note from Darkstorm telling the Spectral Knights that he hopes the mirror turns them against each other, as it did the Darkling Lords. Leoric laughs, as he knows the Spectral Knight are pure at heart. He tells Arzon and Galadria that they should not have fought on their own, but the Mystal Mirror tells everyone what he is truely thinking .. that he is glad his friends are safe.

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