Tagline: Scream of the Sky Claw
Published By: Marvel Comics under the Star Comics banner
Released: January 1988
Cost: $1.50 US / $2.00 CAD / £0.40 UK

Written By: Jim Salicrup
Pencils: Mark Bagley
Inks: Romeo Tanghal
Letters: Janice Chiang
Colours: Julianna Ferriter
Editor: Bob Budiansky
Editor-In-Chief: Tom DeFalco

Episode Summary

The issue opens with the Knights standing before Iron Mountain as per the end of issue 1. Before Merklynn can leave the Knights he is challenged by Reekon who points out some Knights have staffs and other not, Ectar agrees with him but the question is shrugged off by Merklynn. The wizard answers by saying their powers will become evident soon enough. As Merklynn leaves Reekon tries to take Witterquick’s staff from him by force, leading to a brawl between all the Knights as they continue the battle from earlier inside Iron Mountain. Watching the battle, Leoric fills bitterness in his heart at the loss of what could be achieved if all the Knights could work together. Lexor finds himself hard pressed by Galadria and summons the power of his staff, encasing himself in a force field that breaks the Spectral Knight’s staff. Even Witterquick bounces off him as he tries to attack the Darkling Lord. Likewise Cindarr summons his power to aid him in defeating Cryotek, causing a minor earthquake in the process.

Before the fight can continue any further Leoric calls for everyone to stop, again telling them of their responsibility. Darkstorm agrees after a fashion, saying he will stop fighting to conserve his strength and plan for war. With Reekon, Mordredd, Cravex and Cindarr already sworn to him (issue 1) he offers a place in the Darkling Lords to anyone else who wants it. The only person to take him up on his offer is Virulina, which seems to please Darkstorm. As they leave Leoric remarks to his Knights that Darkstorm is a most dangerous enemy.

Back in New Valarak at Leoric’s stronghold Galadria expresses her frustration at not having the same power as the others. The briefly discuss the best course of action on how to deal with Darkstorm but can come to no conclusion. In a great moment they agree that if nothing else they must stand united.

At Darkstorm’s castle Reekon presents his case to Darkstorm that those without staffs are just as important as those with. Unsurprisingly Virulina backs his argument up, both making fun of Mordredd in the process. Darkstorm points out that without staffs their skills may be useless to him, he needs a secret weapon to tip the currently even balance of power between he and Leoric. Obviously tiring of them, Darkstorm sends Reekon and Mordredd to take his armour to Harkon, the town blacksmith. Seething with anger at the task, Reekon comments that any skills from the old age are useless now; strength is all that should be respected. He is surprised to find Harkon is a towering mountain of muscle, the blacksmith pointing out that pounding metal all day would make anyone strong. As he examines Darkstorm’s armour the two Darkling Lords come across an old project mothballed in his workshop, something he was working on in the old age called the Sky Claw. Upon touching it the Sky Claw activates as if still powered, Mordredd follows suit and the wing panels absorb his chest emblem. They take the Sky Claw up; the machine responding to Mordredd’s every command. As the land Reekon asks Harkon if he can make more but the blacksmith says no although he does have another half finished vehicle not too far away he could finish for a price.

Darkstorm is speechless when they return to the castle but the situation is quickly explained. As they dine that night the Darkling Lords talk amongst themselves about Darkstorm’s lack of will to act against Leoric now. Mordredd snaps at Reekon and strikes him down much to Virulina’s amusement. Cindarr seize Mordredd and angrily slams him into the table for ruining his supper. Angry at Mordredd’s actions, Darkstorm throws him out of the hall despite his protests that Reekon started it. Seeking to prove himself he takes the Sky Claw with the intention of spying on New Valarak but then quickly convinces himself what a good idea it would be to attack instead.

Caught unawares the Spectral Knights rush to their defences and are amazed at the working machine, although they quickly deduce it must be powered by magic. Arzon uses his staff and instantly gains knowledge of how to defeat the Sky Claw. Telling Feryl to throw his mace at the centre of the undercarriage the machine is quickly damaged. Before they can pursue the fleeing Mordredd the Darkling Lords attack, Darkstorm having deduced that his lackey would try something stupid with the stolen Sky Claw.

As the battle commences Mordredd finds the Sky Claw is self-repairing and tries to sneak attach Leoric. Only the timely intervention of Arzon saves him as the Knight lands on the machine in bird form and transforms. Knocking the craft off course it strikes Darkstorm’s chariot and is all but destroyed. Reekon calls for the retreat, ordering Mordredd to help the injured Darkstorm. Having lost the encounter the Darkling Lords flee back to their castle.

Later a bed ridden Darkstorm berates Mordredd for his actions and the loss of the Sky Claw and orders him thrown into the dungeon until he decides what to do with him. Locked up in the basement of the castle Mordredd hears the mocking laughter of Harkon ringing down the halls.

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to this issue? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. Harklon the Blacksmith built the Skyclaw
  2. There is an interesting aerial shot of Darkstorms castle


Mistakes happen within the comic industry, here is a list of this issues mistakes.

  1. On the opening page Feryl is green
  2. On page 5 Cindarr's second colour is grey rather than black
  3. When in New Valark around the round table, Cryotek's chest is green
  4. In Darkstorms castle, Reekon is coloured green in the bottom left panel on page 9
  5. In Darkstorms castle, Darkstorm has a blonde beared rather than brown
  6. On page 12 Reekon7s chest embulem is orange
  7. On page 12, in the middle panel, Reekon's gloves are green
  8. On page 16 Cindarr's hair is brown and not Grey
  9. On page 19 Lerioc's second colour is the wrong shade of green
  10. On page 9 Reekon's glove is coloured green in the 5th panel rather than brown

Featured Characters

  1. Merklynn
  2. Leoric
  3. Arzon
  4. Cryotek
  5. Ectar
  6. Feryl
  7. Galadria
  8. Darkstorm
  9. Cindarr
  10. Cravex
  11. Lexor
  12. Reekon
  13. Virulina
  14. Witterquick
  15. Mortdredd
  16. Unnamed Villagers
  17. Harkon
  18. Sky Claw


- Introduced.
- Named only or dropped.
- Vehicle.
- A note is attached.