Character Information

Cartoon Profile This character did not appear in the cartoon series
Colour Pale skin, bald, white top, yellow or blue shorts
Comic Profile Harkon is a blacksmith who lived in the slum town outside of Darkstorm's Castle within the Dark Domain, Darkstorm's Empire. Here he ran his Blacksmith shop, creating various weapons and practicing his metallurgy and craftsmanship. After seing the Darkling Lords take Dagger Assault and the Skyclaw (two months prior) be fled to New Valarak to inform the Spectral Knights of a way to end the Age of Magic.
From Unknown, first spotted in a slum in the Dark Domain (near Darkstorm's Castle)
Occupation Blacksmith and former Scientist / Engineer
Power None
Toy Profile (English) No toy for this character was released
Weapon Blacksmiths hammer

Character Biography

A Blacksmith