Character Information

Cartoon Profile Arzon and Witterquick are sent on a mission to locate a dragon's claw, as part of a magical cure. Whilst searching for the claw they locate a 400 foot grey dragon known as Gresgamarr. At first the two Spectral Knights try to capture Gresgamarr, although Arzon feels bad about doing so. Later black dragon appears on the scene and starts to fight with Gresgamarr. Gresgamarr is left injured, but rather than taking his claw, Arzon heals the injured dragon, AND thus makes a friend of him. Gresgamarr then helps Arzon find an already broken off Dragon's Claw and even gives both Arzon and Witterquick a lift back to Iron Mountain.
Colour Green
Comic Profile This character did not appear in the comic series
From A mountainous region on Prysmos
Power None
Spieces Dragon
Toy Profile (English) No toy for this character was released
Weapon Flame breath

Cartoon Episode Appearances

  • Episode 9: Horn Of Unicorn, Claw Of Dragon