Episode Summary

The episode begins with the Darkling Lords at Iron Mountain, trying to get their power staff's recharged. Merklynn tells them that they must go on a quest for him in order to gain their powers. The Darkling Lords are less then pleased and decide to look elsewhere for magical assistance, in this case they find the old witch Heskedor. After some flattery by Darkstorm, Heskedor agrees to help them and gives Darkstorm a potion which will trap a Spectral Knight in their beast form ? forever.

Darkstorm forms a plan to trap Leoric, which involves terrorising a small village using the Dagger Assault, disguised as a monster. The plan works well and the villagers called on the Spectral Knights for protection. The villagers ask Leoric to slay the beast (much to the grim of Arzon).

When Leoric reaches the town he is shown where the creature lives and rides up there, only to be ambushed by the Darkling Lords. A fight ensues and Leoric is forced to change into his magical form to escape. As he does so Darkstorm dowses him with the magical potion (turning him red) and forcing him to stay in his lion form.

As he returns to the village he is attacked by the villagers, who mistake him for another monster. As Leoric flees they meet the Darkling Lords, who inform the villagers that the monster devoured Leoric. Fletchin (one of the village women) is moved and returns to New Valark to let the other Spectral Knights know.

The Spectral Knights decide to hunt the monster which killed Leoric, whilst both the Darkling Lords and the villages also hunt it. As the groups look for the monster, Fletchin is sent into some monoliths to look. She stumbles across the creature which carves his name into one of the stones. Fletcher begins to understand that the creature is actually Leoric, and tries to tell the other villagers, who don?t listen to her.

As Leoric flees from the villagers and the Darkling Lords he falls into one of the traps which the Spectral Knights have set. Just as Cryotek is about to kill him Fletchin runs up scream about how the beast is in fact Leoric. The Spectral Knights free him and quiz the Bearer of Knowledge in order to find out how he was infected.

Witterquick then travels to Heskedor to get a potion, but he uses all of his magical power to get there and has to get back on foot.

Whilst the other Spectral Knights wait for Witterquick's return, some of the farmers spot them and report back to Darkstorm. A fight insues once more until Witterquick arrives with the antidote and Leoric can transform back. The villagers and the Spectral Knights and they all attack the Darkling Lords, who then flee.

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to the episode? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. Heskedor appears for the first time, living in a cave seven leagues beyond Cape Terror on a small island.
  2. t is also said that Heskedor has lived for ten millennia.
  3. Heskedor knows a spell know as the fish spell of kes-eh-rhia
  4. Darkstorm has lots of ancient books on magic. He tried the fish spell but it failed
  5. Since the Age of Magic started, people have started to become superstitious. One of the sayings they have is Touch a charm at fall of night and you will sleep without fright
  6. This is the first episode when we meet Fletchin and her father Gleering
  7. There is a small village which borders New Valarak to the north
  8. Another saying is Lucky charm, keep me safe and far from harm
  9. Cryotek used to be a hunter
  10. There are over 500 species of lion on Prysmos

Missing Scenes

The following list details scenes which were removed from the Visionaries episode Ep 6: Lion Hunt but appear within the original episode scripts.

  1. In the script there is an extra scene when the Spectral Knights are competing in some sort of game, although you cannot tell what it is. Jon the Doorman then enters and informs Leoric that there are a group of villagers from the northern frontier that are here to see him.
  2. In the script Leoric explains why he goes to the village alone, as he does not want either Ectar or Feryl to drive there, as he fears it will scare the villagers.
  3. As the villagers do not like magic they take offence at the Darkling Lords using a vehicle. Darkstorm then tells Gleering that if he wants help to slay the beast then he'd better let them do things their way, else they will let them face the beast on their own. Bloopers

Altered Scenes

Below you will find a list of all of the scenes within the episode Ep 6: Lion Hunt which were changed from the original planned scenes within Buzz Dixon's script.


  1. Heskedor lives on a island, yet Witterquick somehow manages to get back from there by foot.
  2. When Witterquick arrives at Heskedor's cave he has his staff, however during the conversation between himself and Heskedor his staff vanishes.

Featured Characters

  1. Darkstorm
  2. Cindarr
  3. Cravex
  4. Lexor
  5. Merklynn
  6. Heskedor
  7. Fletchin
  8. Gleering
  9. Unknown Knights
  10. Monster
  11. Dagger Assault
  12. Mortdredd
  13. Reekon
  14. Leoric
  15. Arzon
  16. Feryl
  17. Galadria
  18. Virulina
  19. Ectar
  20. Cryotek
  21. Witterquick


- Introduced.
- Named only or dropped.
- Vehicle.
- A note is attached.