Episode Summary

The story begins at Iron Mountain where the Spectral Knights are given The Crystal of Detection, the ultimate burglar alarm as Merklynn puts it. Ectar is rather weary from the outset and when the crystal works when the jewel thief Racious DeBraug is caught entering New Valarak. The crystal seems to be working fine when it warns the Spectral Knights that the Darkling Lords are approaching from the sewers. The Knights return to a meeting with the Botanical committee who believe that since the city is now being protected by the crystal the security budget should be cut and the Botanical garden receive the funding instead. It is at this point when Ectar tells the room of a story from before 'The Cataclysm' when he was a police detective.

The story begins with the First Prysmos Bank in Valarak installing what was believed to be a full proof security system, the maker was known other than Reekon who ripped off the bank and escaped with all of the money. Ectar managed to capture Reekon who promptly escaped and started the most infamous crime spree ever in Valarak. The morale of the story was that you had to trust people not machines. The committee had none of it and wanted more flowers less weapons.

Darkstorm reads up on the crystal and finds that the 'Cloak of Concealment' is not affected its power. The Terrible Bird turns up with information on where to find the crystal, but this information comes with a price demanded by his leader the Meat-Eater Leader. The price was fifty50 T-bones, one hundred juicy flanks three-hundred Rib-eyes and all the condiments they could muster. Darkstorm realises that he will have trouble finding the funds to pay for all the meat.

The Darkling Lords come under attack from some plants who are bitter from years of defoliation and plant poisons. After they are defeated, the Meat-Eater Leader then makes him known and tells Darkstorm that he will give him the cloak in exchange for the beef.

Reekon puts on the Cloak of Concealment and walks into New Valarick undetected where he then steals the crystal. Ectar noticed him and gives chase until he is captured by his own guards in fox form allowing Reekon to escape.

After finding the Meat Eater Leader Ectar takes Arzon and heads for Castle Darkstorm. As predicted Arzon is captured whilst causing a diversion for Ectar, who enters via the window as Cravex is dropped into Darkstorms dungeon when Reekon pulls the wrong lever. The correct level is pulled and Arzon falls but only after Ectar has thrown him the crystal so the can escape. Reekon and Ectar do not bother to fight other go as a sign of respect for each other skills whilst the other darkling lords have been dispatched.

Back at Merklynns shrine the Spectral Knights destroy the crystal as Merklynn admits he made it back during the age of science and he did not keep an eye on textile advancements. He offers them a magical pest repellent or a magical food refresher as a replacement. They decline gracefully and the episode ends with the Darkling Lords finding out they can not afford to buy beef as the price has been driven up to high.

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to the episode? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. Ectar accuses Merklynn of bribery and is suspicious of the crystal from the outset
  2. The jewel thief Racious DeBraug is caught early on
  3. The Botanical garden referenc in the first episode and also in a removed scene from the Trail of the Three Wizards Three Wizards is bought up again with the meeting in this episode
  4. The alignment of the Three Suns that bought an end to the technological age and the beginning of the more primitive order is referred to as The Cataclysm we find out during this episode
  5. The number on Reekons board was O-52 A-7810. With the writing to the right of his name reading down as P Z 11
  6. The demonstration chant by the committee was More flowers less swords, grow roses not lances, more daises less maces
  7. The Darkling Lords play chess with Darkstorms servants dressed up as each of the pieces
  8. The bird that turns up at Darkstorms castle is called Terrible Bird
  9. Darkstorms meat order cost him 3000 gold pieces
  10. After saving for 2 years Mortdredd has only managed to save under 1500 gold pieces
  11. Cindarr is broke
  12. Darkstorm paid Cravex by cheque, which bounced
  13. Virulina is still waiting for some blackmail money to come in
  14. Reekon confirms that being a bounty hunter he works for money and isn't prepared to spend any on the Darkling Lords cause
  15. Cindarr says that he loves the jungle, its his home
  16. The condiments were Mustard, Steaks and Catsup
  17. The pollen on the cloak is from the rare fleshing eating Meateous Chompiti plant, a plant with only a few examples left
  18. Even Polyester can elude the crystal of detection

Missing Scenes

The following list details scenes which were removed from the Visionaries episode Ep 12: Honor Amoung Thieves but appear within the original episode scripts.

  1. After Darkstorm orders Reekon and Mortdredd to put out a call for the Cloak of Concealment there is a scene that is missing. This scene is made up of scenes 72 through 81 in which Virulina yells Darkstorm, Lord of the Veldt, searches for a Cloak of Concealment! A kid replies Aw! Find it yourself. At the same time Reekon is seen whispering "Let it be known that we are in search of The Cloak of Concealment". The scene jumps again, this time to Mortdredd who is panting heavily from his searching and calls out into a dark hole "Darkstorm, Lord of the Veldt, Baron of High Lands, King of the Riff and the Savannas! Seeks the Cloak of Concealment!" A voice replies from the darkness asking Who did you say seeks for the Cloak Of Concealment. As Mortdredd goes to reply the scene ends and jumps.

Altered Scenes

Below you will find a list of all of the scenes within the episode Ep 12: Honor Amoung Thieves which were changed from the original planned scenes within Flint Dille's script.


  1. When the Darkling Lords are first seen in this epiosde we see Rekon on the far left, Darkstorm, Cravex (squatting down) and Cindarr on the right. As the scene continues it changes to having Reekon, Cravex (now standing at the back), Darkstorm, Virulina (previously not drawn), Mortdredd (squatting down in the same poisition as Cravex was a frame earlier), Lexor (previously not drawn) and Cindarr. See the image gallery for this scene.

Featured Characters

  1. Merklynn
  2. Leoric
  3. Arzon
  4. Cryotek
  5. Ectar
  6. Feryl
  7. Galadria
  8. Witterquick
  9. Lancer Cycle
  10. Unknown Knights
  11. Racious DeBraug
  12. Darkstorm
  13. Cindarr
  14. Cravex
  15. Reekon
  16. Lexor
  17. Virulina
  18. Mortdredd
  19. Botanical Society
  20. Terrible Bird
  21. Meat Eater Leader
  22. Butcher
  23. Lancer Cycle
  24. Unknown Knights
  25. Darkling Lord Waiter


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