Episode Summary

The episode starts with the Spectral Knights digging up roots for Merklynn and discussing their which Darkling Lords' power they fear the most. In the end they agree that Darkstorm's is the one to watch out for and ask Merklynn for a cure. He refuses and leaves with the roots.

Arzon then asks the Bearer of Knowledge to see if he had an answer, and he replies that what they are after can be found in the Eternal Spring, located on the slopes of Shadow Mountain. As the group gets ready to leave, Arzon warns them of what Merklynn had said, that they should not have the power. Leoric reassures him that Merklynn just wants them to be dependant on him.

The group travel to Shadow Mountain and get attacked by the Darkling Lords on the way and Darkstorm unleashes his power on Leoric, turning him old.

As the two groups make there way up the mountain side Cindarr finds a baby creature, which he returns to it's mother. Cravex then installs fear on the mother, getting it to attack the Spectral Knights.

The Spectral Knights managed to calm the creature down and move on to the spring. When they get there they find it destroyed (as Cindarr unleashed his powerstaff on the spring). The Spectral Knights sit around feeling sorry for themselves before Witterquick notices a rainbow flower, indicating that there is still some spring water left.

As the knights go to look for the water, Feryl and Leoric stay behind at the spring. Cravex decides to go and have a look, and notices the two Spectral Knights sitting around. He then knocks them off the cliff before flying off to get the other Darkling Lords.

The Darkling Lords then capture the other Spectral Knights and take them back to the Dagger Assault to drain them off their power, telling them that Leoric and Feryl are dead. Leoric and Feryl then appear and free the other Spectral Knights, knocking Darkstorm into the magical chamber. Feryl then makes a deal that he will not take Darkstorm's power, but only if he undoes his magic on Leoric.

After Darkstorm undoes the spell Ectar turns up with some of the spring water, which is no longer needed. Leoric decides to give the water to Merklynn as a gift, although the wizard does not want it and pours it away.

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to the episode? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. The Lancer Chariot travels at over 125kph, as when Ectar pulls out of the forest 125k is displayed on the dashboard
  2. We learn that Virulina can fly the Sky Claw (she previously flew the Dagger Dart) thus confirming that she can also enpower vehicles

Missing Scenes

The following list details scenes which were removed from the Visionaries episode Ep 8: Power Of The Wise but appear within the original episode scripts.

Altered Scenes

Below you will find a list of all of the scenes within the episode Ep 8: Power Of The Wise which were changed from the original planned scenes within Douglas Booth's script.


  1. When Arzon climbs onto the back of the Lancer Cycle his staff is powered up, even though he only used the Bearer of Knowledge moments before hand
  2. Just before Cravex attacks, after Mortdredd has been kicked off the Capture Chariot, Leoric's power staff is empty even though he hasn't used it
  3. When Cravex is flying off with Leoric he is clearly above the ravine, yet Leoric's whip and still reach down to the Capture Chariot
  4. During the fight in the ravine, Arzon's power staff is recharged again
  5. As Cryotek summons his power his helmet changes to red
  6. When the Dagger Assault drives off after Cryotek's attack, Lexor's staff is fully charged even though he only just used his power up
  7. After Leoric gets turned old, Cryotek's staff is fully charged even though he used the power earlier
  8. When the Spectral Knights are first standing on Shadow Mountain, Cryotek's helmet is red, before returning to normal in the next scene
  9. Then a few moments later, as Leoric summons the Owl of Wisdom, Cryotek's helmet is red again
  10. During the monster's attack on the side of the mountain, Leoric's staff is powered up, even though he already used it

Featured Characters

  1. Arzon
  2. Ectar
  3. Galadria
  4. Leoric
  5. Witterquick
  6. Cryotek
  7. Feryl
  8. Merklynn
  9. Capture Chariot
  10. Lancer Cycle
  11. Reekon
  12. Dagger Assault
  13. Virulina
  14. Mortdredd
  15. Sky Claw
  16. Lexor
  17. Cravex
  18. Darkstorm
  19. Giant Caterpilla
  20. Cindarr


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- Named only or dropped.
- Vehicle.
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