Episode Summary

Mortdredd and Reckon meet with Belizar, a citizen of Khemir (one of the great centres of old technology), who asks them for help. Reckon recognises this as an opportunity to run a scam so agrees to help them Arzon and Feryl spot the two Darkling Lords and so decide to follow them to the Khemir.

The Khemirites are finding it hard to adjust to the New Age as they have gotten used to commanding robotic slaves to do most of the manual and menial work. However as technology no longer works they have no option but to work form themselves, something they do not wish to do. When the two Darkling Lords arrive, Mortdredd convinces them to follow Darkstorm, and promises that he will supply them with new slaves: (Recon is not best pleased, as he was looking forward to ruling over the Khemirites himself).

After being spotted trying to escape, the two Spectral Knights (Arzon and Feryl) are attacked by the Khemirites, who are working under instructions from Reekon.

Darkstorm tells Belizar that he has a plan for how the Khemirites can get new slaves. His plan involves using the Khemirites to infiltrate New Valarak, so they can capture the Spectral Knights. When they arrive at New Valarak Cryotek, Leoric and Galadria welcome them in whilst Ectar is wary and urges caution.

The Khemirites then steal the Spectral Knights power staffs in their sleep, and let the Darkling Lords in. Galadria hears Cindarr drop a power staff and warns the other Spectral Knights of the Darkling Lords attack. A fight ensues and the Spectral Knights are finally defeated and their totems removed.

Arzon and Feryl arrive, but are also captured (Arzon voluntarily). Due to Arzon giving up his freedom in order to save his friends, Marna is forced to re-think their situation, and frees the Spectral Knights. They eventually manage to convince Orzon to help them defeat the Darkling Lords, so they all gain their freedom.

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to the episode? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. The episode is drawn differently to the first three part series
  2. We learn that Leoric is also a prince - (Cryotek refers to him as Prince Leoric

  3. The city of Khemir is introduced in this episode. Khemir was one of the great centres of old technology which is now over run by the jungle
  4. Khemir's inhabitants are known as Khemirites and their leader is Orzan (a haughty and aristocratic man). Other characters are Marna (the woman), Rone (an old man) and Belizar.
  5. In this episode the Dagger Assault's small ship, the Dagger Dart, is named for the first time
  6. We learn that Feryl's weapon has a magical spark
  7. Cryotek's arrow is finally used without being repelled by Lexor.
  8. This episode is meant to see the return of Virulina (after leaving the Darkling Lords in an earlier episode). In the script she it is clear that she did indeed leave the Darkling Lords and has only just returned. A quote from the missing scene has her stating It's great to the back with the Darkling Lords. I never realised how much fun I was missing!
  9. Virulina is seen flying the Dagger Dart (indicating that she too can power vehicles).

Missing Scenes

The following list details scenes which were removed from the Visionaries episode Ep 4: The Price Of Freedom but appear within the original episode scripts.

  1. A quote from the missing scene featuring Virulina's return has her stating It's great to the back with the Darkling Lords. I never realised how much fun I was missing!

Altered Scenes

Below you will find a list of all of the scenes within the episode Ep 4: The Price Of Freedom which were changed from the original planned scenes within Douglas Booth's script.


  1. When the dragon from the Sky Claw attacks Arzon and Feryl, causing them to fall, Feryl's totem is missing at first.
  2. In one scene the Moon is behind New Valarak, yet when the Darkling Lords arrive it is in front of it
  3. After the Spectral Knights find out that the Darkling Lords are in New Valarak, the Sky Claw attacks them. In a few scenes Leoric is missing his gloves (again).
  4. During the Spectral Knight / Darkling Lord fight, Lexor punches Witterquick. During this little scene the totem on Lexor's chest is of a blue cheetah rather than a green armadillo.

Featured Characters

  1. Reekon
  2. Mortdredd
  3. Belizar
  4. Feryl
  5. Arzon
  6. Marna
  7. Orzan
  8. Rone
  9. Dagger Assault
  10. Virulina
  11. Darkstorm
  12. Cryotek
  13. Witterquick
  14. Leoric
  15. Ectar
  16. Galadria
  17. Cindarr
  18. Cravex
  19. Lexor
  20. Khemirites


- Introduced.
- Named only or dropped.
- Vehicle.
- A note is attached.