Episode Summary

The episode starts with another look back over the last episode, in which the Spectral Knights were formed, and were left in a prison cell which had just been flooded. Back in Darkstorm' chamber the Darkling Lords squable over how to divide the bootie. As Reckon voiced his disgruntled feelings Cravex goes ones further, hitting Lexor for being a coward, backhands Darkstorm for being greedy, throws Reckon across the table for being a mercenary and a liar, yells at Mortdredd for being a bootlicker and finally hits Cindarr out of principle.

Whilst the Darkling Lords fight the Spectral Knights escape from their prison, thanks to Arzon. Ectar then takes Feryl back to the Dagger Assault, and replenishes his magical totem. They all then meet up in Darkstorm' chamber, where the Darkling Lords are still fighting each other. After realising that the power staffs are all drained of their magic, the Darkling Lords flee, followed by the Spectral Knights, who gain control of the Capture Chariot and Lancer Cycle.

After a battle between the two sides the Darkling Lords are captured., but before they can be placed in prison Merklynn appears and gives them a key, allowing them to escape. In the meantime the Spectral Knights travel to Merklyn' shrine, in order to help some farmers who' crops are not growing.

During the trip the Darkling Lords ambush them and steal back their power staffs, getting to Merklynn before them. An argument erupts in the shrine between the two sides, and is only stopped when Merklynn tells them that they must go on a mission for him in order to re-charge their magic. He allows them to re-charge their staffs for free and the Spectral Knights leave. The Darkling Lords have other plans, and attack Merklyn, although their power staffs cannot harm the holder of the orb. The Darkling Lords are then dealt with and sent on their way, with the Spectral Knights, to get the Dragon' Claw.

The Visionaries are then left to work together to gain the claw, under the leadership of Leoric, from a Technodragon, controlled by the legendary wizard Folkama. After defeating the dragon the two sides battle for the Dragon' Eye, which is a staff, until finally the Spectral Knights return it to Merklyn. They bargin with Merklynn and finally get him to help the farmers, whilst the Darkling Lords capture Folkama.

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to the episode? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. The Spectral Knights were formed at the end of the last episode, and it is shown again in the recap at the start of this episode.
  2. There are some great sayings in this episode, including Cravex's rants and Mortdredd's "King of the Cliffs, Baron of the Bogmash".
  3. The signs which the Darkling Lords are making in prison reads NDGD although they should say NO GO.
  4. Merklyn tells the knights he wants them to be instruments of his will.
  5. Darkstorm's power staff's monster talks in this episode for the only time.
  6. The three legendary wizards, Folkama, Weazaskweaza and Bogavas are mentioned for the first time.
  7. We learn the Visionaries armour is heat resistant and can withstand the heat within a furnace.
  8. Without the Dragon's Eye the Sacred Pool within Merklyn's shrine will loose power.
  9. Ectar thought Leoric's plans of getting Feryl's totem back, and getting their staffs, was a little over ambitious.
  10. Ectar pretends to be Sir Ace McGillicutty, of Magical Repairs.
  11. Witterquick has a lust for excitement and a desire to be put to the ultimate test, whilst Cryotek feels he left those feelings in his adolescence.

Missing Scenes

The following list details scenes which were removed from the Visionaries episode Ep 3: The Quest For The Dragons Eye but appear within the original episode scripts.

  1. In a missing scene it is stated that no-one has ever broken into Darkstorm's castle before
  2. It is discovered that Recon has taken some jewels from Darkstorm
  3. When the Darkling Lords and Spectral Knights make it to Merklyn's shrine, he informs them that they must go on a quest for the Dragon's Eye. Leoric is un-sure about this (again out of character really), so Merklyn tells him to consult his power staff and asks "Should we go on Merklyn's quest??". The Owl of Wisdom replies "Does the farmer not feed the cow who gives him milk? Does the cold man not feed the fire which gives him heat??" Ectar then jokes "I told you Leoric, you received a second rate power staff". Leoric agrees that the Owl's logic is sound and agrees to go on the mission. In the cartoon we just see Leoric agree to go.

Altered Scenes

Below you will find a list of all of the scenes within the episode Ep 3: The Quest For The Dragons Eye which were changed from the original planned scenes within Flint Dille's script.


  1. After the Spectral Knights escape the prison, Arzon is coloured Red and Blue in one shot.
  2. When the Spectral Knights make it to Darkstorm's chamber Cryotek appears with a red helmet (again) from a distance, but he then has the correct blue one in the close up.
  3. When a Visionary transforms, his animal totem jumps out of his chest plate and the image of the animal vanishes before the knight disappears, but when Darkstorm turns into the mollusk, the symbol remains on his plate.
  4. After the beasts that the Darkling Lords released return to the Power Staffs you can see the staff plate is black, but in the next time they have the images once again.
  5. Last episode, Virulina left the Darkling Lords, but in this one she suddenly joins their quest out of nowhere, yet in the fight, she is nowhere to be seen.
  6. When a Visionary uses his Power Staff, its plate becomes blank, but when Cindarr releases the Beast of Destruction for the second time the image remains on the staff for one shot.
  7. When everyone gasps at the sight of the Technodragon, you can see that Cindarr's, Cravex's and Darkstorm's Power Staffs are blank, but only Cindarr had used it so far and Cravex uses his later.
  8. When Cindarr is captured, he is holding his Power Staff, but when the dragon throws them into its mouth the Staff is nowhere to be seen.
  9. After the dragon grabs a couple of Visionaries, Galadria runs and you can see wearing her helmet, but in the next shot the helmet is gone.
  10. When Galadria and Cryotek are running from the dragon's claws, their animal totems are missing from their plates.
  11. Arzon was captured twice by the dragon.
  12. When Darkstorm falls down from the dragon's grip, his Power Staff is blank.
  13. When Cravex transforms, the image on his plate was missing.
  14. Witterquick transforms to catch the Dragon's Eye passing by Darkstorm, but then later Darkstorm transforms into a mollusk and jumps in Witterquick's way, even though he has already passed him once before.
  15. In the shrine both Reckon and Mortdredd also now have staffs.
  16. When the Spectral Knights arrive at the Shrine bearing the Dragon's Eye, Leoric's Power Staff is missing, but in the next shot, there it is again.
  17. During the ambush the staffs which the Spectral Knights are holding get muddled up. The next section covers exactly what happens to which staffs.
  18. Before the Darkling Lords Ambush, the Spectral Knights are carrying the following staffs:
    • Leoric - one silver (his)
    • Galadria - one gold (Darkstorm's)
    • Cryotek - one of each (his and Cindarr's)
    • Witterquick - one of each (his and Cravex's)
    • Arzon - one silver (his)
    • Lexor's is missing.
  19. In the close up pictures they have the following staffs:
    • Leoric - one silver (his)
    • Galadria - one gold (Darkstorm's)
    • Cryotek - one of each (his and Cindarr's)
    • Witterquick - not shown
    • Arzon had two silver staffs
    • Lexor's is still missing
  20. As the avalanch starts they have:
    • Leoric - not shown
    • Galadria - not shown
    • Cryotek - one of each (his and Cindarr's)
    • Witterquick - two silver staffs (his and Cravex's, which is now the wrong colour)
    • Arzon had two silver staffs - his and another which can't be seen fully
    • Lexor's is still missing.
  21. In the close up:
    • Leoric - not shown
    • Galadria - drops Darkstorm's staff - correct
    • Cryotek - drops Cindarr's staff - correct
    • Witterquick - drops two gold staffs, Cravex's - correct and Lexor's - previously missing
    • Arzon - drops two gold staffs, Lexor's - previously missing but also dropped by Witterquick and a new gold staff, a gold version of Leoric's
    • Darkstorm - picks up two silver staffs and throws them off the cliff (Cryotek /Arzon)
    • Cravex - picks up his and Lexor's staff
    • Arzon then lands with two staffs, his and Cyrotek's
    • Feryl - ends up with a silver staff at the end

Featured Characters

  1. Falkama
  2. Weazaskweaza
  3. Bogavas
  4. Sir Ace McGillicutty
  5. Capture Chariot
  6. Lancer Cycle
  7. Technodragon
  8. Witterquick
  9. Mortdredd


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