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Far away in a distant galaxy, the people of the planet Prysmos lived in an age of great technology. They had taken control of all of the sources of energy, and enjoyed a life of comfort and ease for 7,000 years... but this was not to last, for the realignment of the three blazing suns of Prysmos signaled the end of the age of science and technology. When all of the electrical energy have been depleted from the world, an age of magic began. But it would take some time before men would believe this.

Years passed, and as the old order collapsed a new more primitive order rose form the rubble. Knowing that the balance of power between Darkstorm and Leoric could easily be tipped, both frantically searched for a military advantage. The ancient wizards Merklyn contacted both parties and told them that he was seeking brave knights, men and women of vision, as he wished to teach them the ways of magic.

Several knights then quest for magic, with only 14 succeeding. They were rewarded by giving them animal totems, which represented their true self in animal form. Those knights who carried staffs were also given great powers, such as Wisdom, Knowledge, Destruction, Invulnerability, Fear and a variety of others. Those knights without staffs were given the ability to empower vehicles. The two sides battle each other for control of the magic, as well as the rule of New Valarak and Prysmos.

This 13 part cartoon series, 6 part comic mini-series and short lived toyline is given new life by the team behind Transformers At The Moon.


Cartoon: Yes
Comic: Yes
Toy: Yes


Resides: New Valarak
Occupation: Leader of the Spectral Knights
Magical Power: Wisdom
Magical Device:
Power Staff

Character Focus




Type: Comic

Issue 4
Writer: Gerry Conway
Mark Bagley
Romeo Tanghal
Janice Chiang
Julianna Ferriter
Bob Budiansky


Bloopers: 1
Points of Interest: 2

Story Focus

Dream maker

Cindarr and Witterquick are drawn to a mysterious woman who contacts them through their dreams. What secret does Sirena hold and how far will they go for love?

This issue starts with Witterquick on top of a mountain, with no recollection of how he got there. Suddenly a beautiful red headed woman, introducing herself as Sirena, appears holding the Star of Tisandra telling Witterquick that she has been imprisoned by a demon and needs his help. Suddenly the demon attacks and Witterquick wakes up, it was all a dream.
Witterquick decided to quest for the jewel in order to free Sirena from the demon. At the same moment the Darkling Lord Cindarr has the same experience, and he too goes in search of the jewel.

The two make their way to a mountain pass, to a tourist attraction known as The Bronze Warrior, and encounter the warlord Master Kavor. Kavor has been extorting food and goods from the local villagers offering protection in return. The two fight an in the aftermath Kavor attacks forcing the pair work together to escape. As Witterquick recovers Sirena makes contact with him again, through his dreams, telling him how go get to her. As Witterquick makes his way he is attacked by a Cave Beast before he discovers Cindarr about to grab the jewel just as one of Kavor’s men attack. Thinking quickly Witterquick grabs the Star of Tisandra and makes off.


Released: Not Released
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Hand-To-Hand Weapon:

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