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Far away in a distant galaxy, the people of the planet Prysmos lived in an age of great technology. They had taken control of all of the sources of energy, and enjoyed a life of comfort and ease for 7,000 years... but this was not to last, for the realignment of the three blazing suns of Prysmos signaled the end of the age of science and technology. When all of the electrical energy have been depleted from the world, an age of magic began. But it would take some time before men would believe this.

Years passed, and as the old order collapsed a new more primitive order rose form the rubble. Knowing that the balance of power between Darkstorm and Leoric could easily be tipped, both frantically searched for a military advantage. The ancient wizards Merklyn contacted both parties and told them that he was seeking brave knights, men and women of vision, as he wished to teach them the ways of magic.

Several knights then quest for magic, with only 14 succeeding. They were rewarded by giving them animal totems, which represented their true self in animal form. Those knights who carried staffs were also given great powers, such as Wisdom, Knowledge, Destruction, Invulnerability, Fear and a variety of others. Those knights without staffs were given the ability to empower vehicles. The two sides battle each other for control of the magic, as well as the rule of New Valarak and Prysmos.

This 13 part cartoon series, 6 part comic mini-series and short lived toyline is given new life by the team behind Transformers At The Moon.


Cartoon: No
Comic: No
Toy: No


Resides: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Magical Power: None
Magical Device:

Character Focus


Neil Adams' concept art for the Unreleased Series 2 Darkling Lord Osteon who was due to come with the Grappler vehicle


Type: Comic

Issue 5
Writer: Gerry Conway
Mark Bagley
Dave Simons
Janice Chiang
Julianna Ferriter
Bob Budiansky


Bloopers: 3
Points of Interest: 9

Story Focus

Quests for the Four Tailsmans

The first of a four part story in which only the first two parts were ever published. Merklynn sends the Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords on a quest for the Four Tailsmans

Merklynn summons the Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords to Iron Mountain where he asks them to quest for the Four Talismans, jewels created in the First Age of Magic by the most powerful wizard of that time, Elvar The Wise and infused with the power of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Leoric instantly agrees to help, whist Darkstorm plots to take the power for himself. During the talks Galadria and Virulina request powers to equal those of the male knights, and Merklynn agrees. Galadria is given the power of healing whilst Virulina is granted the power of sickness.
As Merklynn disappears Leoric offers his hand to Darkstorm to work together to complete the task. Darkstorm suns his offer telling him that he must be stupid to overlook the opportunity to gain power, they are at war. Darkstorm’s lack of team work infuriates Cryotek, who is finding that primal instincts from his bear form are slowly changing his personality. It is at this moment that Merklynn reveals to the reader the true purpose of the mission, to save his life.

Three days later Cryotek and Galadria have moved north into the Unknown Territories, following a spirit guide. Galadria has decided that the spirit guide is female, whilst Cryotek refers to it purely as a ball of light. Conversely, Cravex and Reekon are following a magical flying creature (their spirit guide). Reekon refers to the creature as he, whereas Cravex refers to it as a mindless flying lizard. Later that evening the Darkling Lords discover the campsite of Cravex and Galadria and attack using the Dagger Assault. During the attack they are ambushed with picks and spears by Trakk and his machine hating villagers. Cravex uses his staff of fear on the villagers, but gets Reekon in the process. Struck down by fear the Darkling Lord turns the Dagger Assault around and flees.


Released: 1987
Totem: Gorilla
Magical Power: Destruction
Magical Totem: Dog Monster
Magical Device:
Power Staff
Hand-To-Hand Weapon:
Spiked Tipped Club

Toy Focus


Magical Rhyme:By natures hand, by craft, by art, what once was one now fly apart!