Character Information

Animal Totem Dolphin
Cartoon Profile Galadria is the only female of the Spectral Knights and was not given any powers in the Cartoon series. She is from Androsia and has a fear of drowning, which is quiet funny given her magical totem is a Dolphin. Galadria has feelings for Cryotek, though neither of them like to show it, and is a kind, caring yet strong woman.
Colour Blue and Purple, pale skin and blonde hair
Comic Profile In the comic series we see more of Galadria and Cryotek's feelings, but the major difference with Galadria in this version of the Visionaries story is that she is finally given powers. Merklynn bestows upon her the power of healing, although it saps her strength. The second series of toys, which were never released, came with shields rather than staffs, something which appears to have been based on Galadria and Virulina.
From Androsia
Magical Item Shield
Magical Rhyme By warmth of heart, your pain I feel, Grant me the power, your wounds to heal!
Magical Totem Healing Hand
Occupation Spectral Knight
Official Pantones Unknown
Power Healing
Toy Profile (English) No toy of Galadria was produced
Toy Profile (French) No toy of Galadria was produced
Voice Actor Sue Blu
Voice Actor (French) Jane Val
Weapon Double-edged Axe