Episode Summary

This story takes place one month after episode 6 The Overthrow of Merklynn.

The episode begins with Fletchin arriving at New Valarak as Croytek becomes strangely ill. He fate is soon followed by most of the other Spectral Knights. Fletchin informs Leoric that it is seemingly only the magic users that are becoming infected. Leoric tries to consult his powerstaff, however due to his infection, he can not summon the totem. It is at this point that Arson and Witterquick arrive back from hunting and are asked by Leoric to stay away and to go and seek guidance from Merklynn regarding the illness.

As Arzon and Witterquick arrive at Iron Moutain they find that the Darkling Lords Cindarr and Lexor are already there demanding Merklynn call off his spell that is infecting Darkstorm and the others.

Merkylnn confirms that a Magical Plague is spreading across the land only affecting the users of magic. The cure is a spell that needs two special ingrediants, a Unicorns horn and a claw of a Dragon. He informs the four that the plague is ultimately fatal.

Deciding that splitting into two groups would be the most effective way, the Darkling Lords head for the Unicorns Horn whilst the two Spectral Knights must quest for the Dragons Claw.

Lexor believes that their portion of the mission will be a simple matter, the Unicorns live on a small wooded island with one moutain and are caredfor by the Wood Nymphs. The Wood Nymphs, led by Melody, prove to be rather troublesome for the hapless Darkling Lords, starting off by sinking their boat. By the time they make it to land, the Wood Nymphs are busy hiding the Unicorns. Lexor orders Cindarr to unleash the Power of Destruction, but when it can not find any Unicorns to destroy, the creature turns on its summoners and Lexor must use his Power of Invunrability to save himself from an untimly demise. The Wood Nymphs again trick Lexor into falling into a pond. As he dries off, Cindarr finds a trapped baby Unicorn and decides to free the animal. Shocked by this show of kindness, Melody approaches the caring Darkling Lord to inquiry as to why he let the baby Unicorn go. Cindarr explains how they need a Unicorn's horn in order to save their friends. Melody is taken back by Cindarrs kindness and gives him her flute, which is made from the horn of the oldest and wisest of the Unicorns.

Meanwhile, Arzon and Witterquick begin their search for the Gresgamarr, a 400 foot long dragon that lives on Prysmos. Arzon feels ashamed that they must slay such a wonderful creature just for a claw, where as Witterquick simply feels its 'him or them'. It is not long before they find, and try to find a way, to trap him. The dragon proves a though adversary for the two Knights, that is until Arzon leads him into a canyon where he gets stuck. Unsure how to actually obtain the claw, Arzon tries to consults the Bearer of Knowledge only to find his power has failed, realising that he is now also infected with the plague. Gresgamarr frees himself as Arzon fails to summon his totem and then captures the Spectral Knight just before a Black Dragon turns up and a fight between both dragons breaks out whilst Arzon is held hight in Gresgamarrs graps. Using his Power of Lightspeed, Witterquick manages to free Arzon and the two wait to see who will win the fight. Arzon consintantly shows his support for Gresgamarr as well as his general regret that one of the dragons must be kill for them to obtain the medicine. After the battle, Gresgamarr is left injured and Arzon decides to tend to the dragons wounds, believing that some sacrifices are worth making in the name of honour. Gresgamarr leaves soon after and Witterquick begins to ponder the fate of his friends. Soon after Gresgamarr returns and carries the Spectral Knights to a claw that was ripped off the Black Dragon during the ifght. Since Witterquick has used his Power of Liftspeed to free Arzon, the only way the Knights can return in time is accept a llift with Gresgamarr himself.

Whilst both of these events are going on we quickly see Fletchen looking after Leoric when an orb with Merklynn appears to see how the Spectral Knight leader is fairing and also to update him on the slow progress. The wizard feers that Arzon and Witterquick will not achieve their goal and return in time.

Gresgamarr's appearance at Iron Moutain stops Lexors in his plan to backstab Arzon and Witterquick and keep the cure for himself. Merklynn then proceeds to conjure the cure and the two groups go their separate ways.

Interesting Facts

Were you paying attention to the episode? Here's some interesting facts that you may have missed.

  1. When Fletchen, who was first introduced in Lion Hunt, arrives at New Valarak to meet with Leoric. As Croytek jokingly mocks the Spectral Knight Leader he is reminded by Galadria to not mock others in affiars of the heart, and that he is not the only one to conquer or be conquered referring to the relationship between those two Spectral Knights
  2. Fletchen's cart is seen to be a converted automobile
  3. It is discovered that Fletchen is a healer
  4. Merklynn saw the plague coming and tried to send the Darkling Lords on a quest for the ingredients 'a month ago', however they thought that Heskedor would be of more help. This is a direct referral to the episode The Overthrow of Merklynn
  5. We learn that the Unicorns live on a wooded small island with a single moutain where they are cared for by the Wood Nymphs lead by Melody
  6. Arzon is hates hunting. Earlier in the episode he speaks out against hunting for sport and later is very much a vocal supporter for Dragons which he describes as proud and wonderful creatures. Witterquick on the otherhand feels its 'them or us' and to tell the peasants who villages have been torched
  7. Cindarrs compasionate side is touched on quiet heavily in this episode, with his reaction to when they first find a Unicorn, to freeing the baby. He is also very reluctant to unleash the Power of Destrction on the Unicorns as they are 'so pretty'
  8. We also see how impressionable he is, with Lexor manipulating Cindarr into doing all the rowing, fighting whilst he stands back and looks out for number 1
  9. The uncontrolible nature of their Magic is shown when the Power of Destruction turns against Cindarr and Lexor after the Unicorns disappear
  10. Lexors staff again proves invaluable in saving his life
  11. Lexors comic character is shown more in this episode as he is outsmarted by the Wood Nymphs at every turn
  12. The words to Merklynns spell are
    • Four set out and four returned,
    • with treasures that they have durley earned.
    • For common sense and uncommon zeal,
    • with all my powers I command .. HEAL!!'

Missing Scenes

The following list details scenes which were removed from the Visionaries episode Ep 9: Horn Of Unicorn, Claw Of Dragon but appear within the original episode scripts.

Altered Scenes

Below you will find a list of all of the scenes within the episode Ep 9: Horn Of Unicorn, Claw Of Dragon which were changed from the original planned scenes within Buzz Dixon's script.


  1. The totems on the chest of the Visionaries were drawn smaller and nearer the top in this episode than in most of the others

Featured Characters

  1. Leoric
  2. Cryotek
  3. Galadria
  4. Fletchin
  5. Ectar
  6. Feryl
  7. Capture Chariot
  8. Lancer Cycle
  9. Witterquick
  10. Arzon
  11. Merklynn
  12. Cindarr
  13. Lexor
  14. Melody
  15. Wood Nymphs
  16. Gresgamarr
  17. Unicorn


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